Dave and I will be presenting at the NGN Tablet Day


As an IT Professional, dedicated to help people out by sharing the information I research and uncover, I have donated much of my time to help the Dutch Networking User Group (NGN).

Now, it’s my great pleasure to announce that on Wednesday April 17, 2013, Dave Stork and I will be presenting a 45-minute session on Managing devices through Exchange ActiveSync during the NGN Tablet Day at the Reehost in Ede, the Netherlands.*

Active Directory is the cornerstone to most networking environments, but not all devices can be domain-joined and/or managed through Active Directory. While talking about these devices with clients, most of the time, they would think of mobile devices like tablets.

Several Microsoft solutions exist to manage these devices, depending on their capabilities and organizational strategy. In some cases, Internet-based Management in System Center Configuration Manager would suffice. In other scenarios Windows Intune would be just what the doctor prescribed. Remote Access Services, DirectAccess and Remote Desktop Gateway also have their advantages, but most of the time Exchange ActiveSync is the solution that just works.

Dave and I will, once again, assume the roles of Jos Haarbos and Hans Worst and explain the inner workings, management challenges and best practices surrounding Exchange ActiveSync in all supported versions of Exchange Server and Exchange Online in a 45-minute Dutch-spoken session.

Also, KMC Solutions, the sponsor for this event, will host a follow-up session on the added value of Mobile Device Management (MDM) in contrast to ActiveSync, delivering the complete picture during the day. Since KMC Solutions is also a Value Added Reseller (VAR), they will be able to talk about licensing and licensing costs.

Tickets are available through the event page. Tickets cost € 300. Members of the Dutch Networking User Group (NGN) benefit from the lower member fare for this event (€ 125).

* It will be the third time Dave and I will be presenting this session.

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