Pictures of my Educational Session at the Hague University

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In my job at OGD, I get to do fun stuff. One of the interesting things that came across recently was the invitation to provide an educational session at one of the Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences, the Haagse Hogeschool, this Monday.

When we were negotiating the session, the preference was around Windows 8. This topic justified my input, so I ran with it and created a custom slide deck. I divided the slide deck into four section. The first section focused on Microsoft as a Devices and Services company:

Sander Berkouwer explaining how Microsoft used its "Lost Decade" as an opportunity to reset all its major brands (click for original photo, shot by Michael Breit)

I felt discussing the new Microsoft wouldn’t be complete without my One App to Rule Them All slide, so I put it in and explained the strategy with my infamous educational alarm app example. That rang a bell with the audience:

Sander Berkouwer explaining the "One App to Rule Them All" strategy from Microsoft (click for original photo, shot by Michael Breit)

The second section of the presentation covered Windows 8 and its features. Going through these features, I can’t help being excited about Hyper-V and Connected Accounts and put them on a separate slide:

Sander Berkouwer and his "Extras" slide covering Windows 8 features (click for original photo, shot by Michael Breit)

As a bonus, the students were the first ones to see one of my Preview slides with Windows 8.1 features:

Sander Berkouwer explaining the new features of Windows 8.1 (click for original photo, shot by Michael Breit)

Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of the fourth part of the session on the factors that apply to technology adoption by businesses. There’s some great info from our market research in these slides…

Anyway, I had a good time and received some great feedback during the beers afterwards.

Thank you!

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