Pictures of the Belgian 2013 Community Day

Yesterday, I attended the Belgian 2013 Community day in Utupolis, Mechelen, together with my colleague Adnan Hendricks, who you might know as Microspecialist (since 1995).

Although we had to travel for roughly six hours, the trip was worth it. We’ve met the goals we set out:

  • Encourage and support our Belgian community speakers
  • Meet up with Belgian friends and colleagues
  • Attend sessions we weren’t able to attend during TechEd and see sessions that have not made the cut for TechEd and other international events.

We had a blast and the pictures to prove it! Open-mouthed smile

Antwerpen Central Station, where old meets new (click for original photo)
Keynote Time! (click for original photo)Luc Van De Velde on The Vision of Microsoft (click for original photo)
Just in time to grab some breakfast (click for original photo)
Look who's here! Kurt Roggen. (click for original photo) Peter de Tender all nervous for his session ;-) (click for original photo)
Adnan recognizing an old friend (and new MVP) on a magazine. Hi Iris! (click for original photo) Challenging the TechEd Surface Line: the ComBell Ice Cream Line ;-) (click for original photo)
Paul Loonen on integrating identity with Microsoft Online (click for original photo)Kurt Roggen presenting (click for original photo)
The Rizzler (Mike Resseler) on Business Continuity (click for original photo)
Ad in 'the pit' of Antwerpen Central Station (click for original photo)
Adnan taking another 'nostril photo' (click for original photo)
Building the highest tower from candy and spaghetti at the Ordina booth to win great prizes for OGD! (click for original photo)

Thank you!

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