Recognized as one of the influential Active Directory Security-related blogs by Paramount Defenses

Last week I received a message from John Redford from Paramount Defenses. In his message, he notified me of this blog being added to the list of helpful online resources related to Active Directory security.

About Paramount Defenses

Paramount Defenses LogoParamount Defenses Inc. is a privately held IT security company engaged in the development of tactical and strategic, national and corporate, cyber security defenses that address paramount global IT security needs. It was founded in 2006 by Sanjay Tandon, formerly a Program Manager for Active Directory Security on the Microsoft Corp. Windows Server Development Team, based in Redmond, Washington.

Paramount Defenses offer consultancy services and sells the much appraised Gold Finger tool, that allows you to audit effective access and delegation in Active Directory.


I feel it’s an honor to make it to the list of currently six blogs.

Of course, Sanjay Tandon’s blog tops the list. The Ask the Directory Services Team blog makes a logical second blog in the list, for it brings news from the current Active Directory team of Program Managers in Microsoft Corp.  The other three blogs are maintained by other Active Directory Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (DS MVPs): Christoffer Andersson’s blog, Brian Desmond’s blog and Ulf B. Simon Weidner’s Blog.

Thank you! Smile

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