I will be speaking at the UK VMUG Meeting in Leeds

When you regularly check the website of the UK Virtual Machine User Group (VMUG), you might have noticed that they have a series of meetings coming up in Manchester, Leeds and London.

Now, when you scroll through on the details of the Leeds meeting on October 1, 2013, you might notice a couple of familiar sessions from the May 21, 2013 meeting. Of course, Microsoft and VMware offer their labs, but my session also appears on the roster again.


About the UK Virtual Machine User Group

The UK Virtual Machine User Group (VMUG) is an association of persons with a vested interest in the successful deployment of virtual infrastructure and their associated technologies.

The committee are all volunteers and are directly employed to manage and design virtual infrastructure in their organizations.

VMUG UK is the largest independent cloud and virtualization user group in the UK. As a user group, run by administrators and architects of virtualized systems, the VMUG is all about the contents in the presentations at their events, meeting like minded engineers and learning about new products and trends.

In contrast to other VMUGs, the UK VMUG has a broader view on virtualization than most VMUGs, who mostly focus on VMware-only virtualization.


About the Leeds Meeting

The Leeds meeting will take place from 9AM to 4PM on October 1, 2013 at the Hilton Doubletree hotel. From 4PM to 6PM you can enjoy drinks at the hotel bar.

Leeds Doubletree

Register today to attend this meeting.

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