I will be speaking at NGNs and NGIs shared BYO Event

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As you might know, I’ve been actively engaged with the Dutch Networking User Group (NGN) in the past years. In recent events, this user group has announced its intent to merger with the Dutch Platform for ICT Professionals (NGI).

I’m happy to announce that heir first event together, Mobiel Werken 2013, is one of my upcoming speaking engagements.


About Mobiel Werken 2013

NGN and NGI organize the Mobiel Werken 2013 event on Thursday October 31st 2013. As the location for this event they picked the Postillion Hotel in Bunnik, the Netherlands. The theme for the event is Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

Since both NGN and NGI are hosts to this event, the event is targeted at both their audiences. Where NGN has attracted mostly tech savvy IT Pros, like systems administrators, NGI attracts more architects and CIOs.

Both audiences share some sessions like the opening keynote (by Maurice de Hond) and closing session. However, during the main part of the event the audiences are catered for with separate tracks.


About my sessions

During Mobiel Werken 2013, I will be cohosting two sessions in track 1, together with Raymond Comvalius (Windows IT Pro MVP). Both sessions will run for 45 minutes between 1:05PM – 1:50PM and 1:55PM – 2:40PM and will be delivered in Dutch.

Our session is titled Robust access in the BYO era (with Microsoft technology) and focuses on the new BYO and Identity capabilities found in Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2. As part of the session, Raymond and I will convince our audience on the practical use cases of claims-based authentication, multi-factor authentication, the web application proxy, workplace join and work folders where you would open the network infrastructure up to the outside world, but, at the same time, still remain in control…

These two presentations are already referred to as the ‘Big BYO Show’ by many and have been booked for a couple of events already, but… more about that later.


When you don’t want to miss out, sign up for this event!


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