Pictures of the Mobiel Werken 2013 Event

Earlier today, I presented two 45-minute sessions, together with Raymond Comvalius on Bring Your Own (BYO) at the shared the Dutch Networking User Group (NGN) and Dutch Platform for ICT Professionals (NGI) event on Mobiel Werken at the Postillion Hotel in Bunnik, the Netherlands.


Entrance to the Postillion hotel in Bunnik, the Netherlands

In our session, we discussed how Bring Your Own is no longer a trend; it’s the reality. We explained to the 60 people in our audience, how to keep their organization’s data safe, how to go beyond mail and calendar without device control, or when devices are not domain-joined. Because, with the releases of Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1 we’ve finally gained the tools to do this and this is where you’ll see all of them in action!

Raymond Comvalius co-hosting (photo taken by Ed Wens) Explaining the basic challenges with Bring Your Own (Photo by Ed Wens)
Explaining the basic challenges with Bring Your Own (Photo by Ed Wens)

We presented a deep dive on claims-based access control, the new Web Application Proxy, Work Folders and Workplace Join in Windows Server 2012 R2 through various animations in our PowerPoint slides:

Slide in Dutch on Federating with Azure Active Directory (click for original screenshot)

We’ve also discussed with them the real world possibilities and impossibilities of these technologies and taught them how to make Bring Your Own happen while staying in control.

After the event, we had dinner with a couple of speakers. By the time we were done eating, all the traffic had dissipated, and we all drove home without any more delays.

Today was a good day! Glimlach

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