I was interviewed by Marqit.tv at the Tooling Event (Dutch)

Last month, I was present at the Dutch Tooling Event to talk to (potential) customers about my employer’s product and project portfolio. This event gets organized for people with an interest in IT systems management, IT service management, mobile device management and other IT-related themes.

During the event, I was interviewed alongside Pieter Lacroix (Managing Director Benelux, Sophos) and Bas ter Heurne (Sales Manager, PQR) by Marqit, the event’s organizer about Enterprise Mobile Management, or, as I still affectionately like to call it, Bring-Your-Own (BYO).


Benefits of Bring-Your-Own

Employees no longer necessarily perform their jobs within the walls, rules and opening hours of their organizations. They’re always on. Advantages are mobility of information, the ability for employees to work time and and location-independently and cost efficiency. These are good reasons for organizations to take a closer look at Bring-Your-Own:

In the second part of the video (starting from 1m16s), I explain why I still refer to Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) as Bring-Your-Own (BYO) and my definition of it: allowing employees (the ones you know) safe and consistent access to the resources of organizations on the devices of their choice (devices you may not necessarily know or trust). Then, I specifically avoid the question on the benefits of Bring-Your-Own: It’s not a trend, it’s the reality. If an organization isn’t doing anything Bring-Your-Own-related, they’re already late.


Impact of Bring-Your-Own

In the second video, that Marqit.tv created from the interviews, the question is on the impact of Bring-Your-Own to the IT management:

From 1m13s onwards, I can only emphasize the enormous impact on IT systems management, not just in terms of technology but also the thought process and the impact on procedures. Because as an IT admin, you’re no longer in control of the endpoint, the back-end needs to be managed more securely and proactively. Written policies can help to manage the situations where you need to be in control, but can’t… because these situations will arise.


Risks of Bring-You-Own

Of course, when an organization allows employees to bring their own, apparently, situations with data at risk may arise.

However, when an organization has invested in an up to date back-end, they no longer have to worry. When data can only leave the organization encrypted, when devices are encrypted, when highly sensitive applications are served only through VDI or RDS and when information is protected with rights management, organizations can mitigate their risks.

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