Tips for Travelling to Tech Conferences, Part 8

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In my previous post in this series, I explained how to convince your boss to attend the tech conferences, that help you to make the most out of your job. Of course, not every tech conference helps you to be 25% more efficient.

So, here’s a list of Microsoft tech conferences you should aim at in the Western Europe region:


Microsoft TechEd

When you’re looking for a session-packed, Microsoft-oriented event with international speakers and the full width of Microsoft infrastructure technologies, the Microsoft TechEd events should be your first choice. TechEds can be found all over the globe, but some regions do not have annual TechEd events. TechEd North America (May/June), TechEd Europe (May/June), TechEd Australia (August/September) and TechEd New Zealand (August/September) have a good track record.

When you’re already into devops, you’ll find TechEd events also offer developer-oriented sessions.

The next Microsoft TechEd event is planned for May 12th to May 15th 2014 in Houston, TX.


Microsoft TechDays

On region-based budgets, Microsoft offices around the globe offer TechDays events. Depending on their budgets, though, these events may or may not offer international speakers. This might prove to be a plus when you’re looking for an event in your own language.

Reasons to choose TechDays over TechEd events are locality, relevancy, and the smaller crowds. Typically TechDays crowds are counted in ‘hundreds’, where TechEd events get rated into ‘thousands’.


IT Pro / Dev Connections

The IT Pro / Dev Connections events evolved from the various Connections events, like Exchange Connections, Windows Connections, SQL Server Connections and Dev Connections. Stepping into the void, left behind by the cancellation of the Quest Expert Conferences (TEC/DEC), these events are gaining traction fast.

As the name suggests, you’ll find both IT Pro and Developer sessions at these events. This is great when you’re already into devops.

The next IT Pro / Dev Connections event is scheduled for December 7th and December 8th in Athens, Greece. I will be one of the speakers there.


Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NIC)

Western European brings us the Scandinavia-based Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NIC). Organized in the cold winter months in Oslo, this event features all of the (in)famous European security experts, presenting their new sessions, before the larger TechEd audiences gets to enjoy them. The next NIC is planned for January 16th and January 17th, 2014 in Oslo.


Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC)

When Microsoft Exchange is your thing, then MEC is the event to book. This is the place to meet the Microsoft Exchange Product Team and get their valuable insights in where Microsoft is heading with Microsoft Exchange. MEC is on the roster for March 31st through April 2nd in Austin, TX.


Lync Conf

Although Microsoft Lync is a technology that allows you to communicate efficiently over great distances, the Lync Conference is a great resource to network with Lync experts and people from the Lync Product Team. The next Lync Conf is scheduled for February 18th through February 20th, 2014 in Las Vegas, NV.


Events from User Groups and other communities

There are hundreds of user groups and other communities all over the world, organizing low-cost high-focus events on a regular basis. You can find Microsoft-oriented communities and their events on

These smaller scale events are really good networking opportunities and allow you to discuss issues with people that might even end up helping you on site.

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