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Earlier this month, I visited Greece with my buddy Microspecialist to both speak at ITPRO/DEV Connections in Athens, Greece.

We flew to Greece from Amsterdam on Friday afternoon on the 6th of December and returned on Sunday evening, December 8, 2013. We stayed two nights at the Holiday Inn in Spata and spend two full days at the event, held at the Metropolitan Expo, next to Athens Elefterios Venizelos International Airport. All that, geographically, is on the other side of Mount Hymettus separating Athens and Piraeus and its Airport.

It was a great event! Look for yourselves Open-mouthed smile 

Greece, a part of the European Union.Main entrance to the Metropolitan Expo, next to Athens Elefterios Venizelos International Airport
Yes, the venue is near Athens. No wait... near Athina. ;-)My speaker badge... Limited edition, since there were only two (speaker) badges without letters from the Greek alphabet on them. ;-)
Our guide for the weekend, and host of the ITPRO DEV Connections: Antonios Chatzipavlis
#teamyellowpants, apparently :-)It's December, but you can still be outside without a coat on. Nice!
"So... if you have one Domain Controller here, and another Domain Controller there... and they are replication partners..." ;-)Microspecialist talking about deploying Office 365.
Adnan doing his impression of "on-premises"My infamous "On-premises" expression ;-)

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