Pictures of the Microsoft Netherlands CloudOS MVP Roadshow

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Last Friday, I co-organized the CloudOS MVP Roadshow with Microsoft Netherlands in ‘De Werf’ (nicknamed ‘the Auditorium’) at Microsoft Netherlands in Schiphol, The Netherlands.

3 MVPs to one attendee... a very uncommon ratio, but not at this event! ;-) (featuring MVPs Ad Hendricks, Robert Smit & James van den Berg) (click for original photo, photo by William Jansen)

With our team of Microsoft employees and Microsoft MVPs we created a fantastic free all-day event for the 57 attendees.

We started the event at 9:30 AM with a introductory speech from Isabel Moll-Kranenberg. As the Business Lead for Windows Server and Windows Azure for the Netherlands, she introduced her team, the trends she sees, and the TechDays event.

Our audience in anticipation of the inspiring session of Isabel Moll (Click for original photo, photo by William Jansen)Isabel Moll kicking off the CloudOS MVP Roadshow (Click for original photo, photo by Maarten Goet)

Next up, Marc van Eijk (Windows Azure MVP) and James van den Berg (Cloud & Datacenter Management MVP) walked us through the Datacenter Management track:

Marc van Eijk on extending datacenters with virtualization and networking (click for original photo)Mr BlurryCam strikes again! Marc van Eijk presenting... but on what? ;-) (click for original photo)
The CloudOS explained. Questions? ;-) (click for original photo)
James van den Berg on ensuring business continuity and service delivery (click for original photo)James van den Berg in his habitat. (click for original photo)

After a short coffe break, SQL Server MVP André Kamman explained our audience on trends like Big Data and solutions like Hadoop:


As a special treat, Michiel Rozema from Microsoft Netherlands gave his inspiring Business Intelligence demo, querying for both the best salesman and bartender within the same minute.

During lunch, we mingled with the audience. This gave me the opportunity to appear in a selfie with the guy I could only introduce to the audience as ‘our administrative MVP contact within Microsoft’:
It's William! :-) (click for original selfie by William Jansen)

Of course, we all know who he is, right? Knipogende emoticon

After lunch, Raymond Comvalius presented on hybrid identity with slides on Access and information Protection. Slides that were very familiar to me…

Raymond Comvalius explaining claims (click for the original photo)Raymond leaning in to hear a question from our audience (click for original photo)
Raymond with his heads in the (projected) clouds (click for original photo)

This block of sessions also featured a demo-filled session by Ronny de Jong, to fill in for Maarten Goet, so the latter could get ready for System Center Universe Asia Pacific 2014.

Ronny de Jong on Unified Device Management (click for original photo, photo by William Jansen)

A modern IT infrastructure, based on the CloudOS and enabling modern access, needs cross-platform apps. Windows Phone Development MVP Tom Verhoeff. He shared his view on the various aspects of developing high-quality applications for both Windows Phone and The Modern Interface in Windows RT and recent versions of Windows:

Tom Verhoeff showing the three paths to embracing modern apps (click for original photo)

After these sessions, I lead the wrap-up to get questions and feedback from our audience. We gathered some great questions across our areas of expertise and filled some gaps in their interpretations of the Microsoft CloudOS and the Microsoft MVP Program:

Wrap-up time! :-) (click for original photo, photo by William Jansen)


I would like to thank everyone that was involved in making this event a success!

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