When you lose a bet…

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People who know me, know me as a guy who likes to motivate people with random bets. It’s not intrinsic motivation, but it’s the kind of motivation that gets things done.

A few weeks ago, I made a bet with a couple of colleagues. These colleagues were competing in the Winter 2014 worldwide PowerShell Scripting Games with the help of the Dutch PowerShell User Group. They had a steep learning curve, underestimated the work and their morale was low. "Time for a bet", I thought.

So, with Jeff Wouters as our mutual witness, I bet I would buy a cake if one of the three teams we entered from within our company (DuPSOGD1, DuPSOGD2 and DuPSOGD3) would end up in the Top 10.

… and team DuPSOGD2 did.

Last Monday, I decided to ambush the guys and surprise them with cake:

Scripting Games Cake
Picture moment with team DuPSOGD2 (click for original photo)
Hungry! ;-) (click for original photo)

Also, Jeff dropped by with a couple of certificates from his User Group, to honor the team members with their achievements:

Look who dropped by while we're eating cake... (click for original photo)Jeff Wouters handing out the Dutch PowerShell User Group Certificates (click for original photo)
Dutch PowerShell User Group Certificates (click for original photo)

Not always, it’s a bad thing to lose a bet. Knipogende emoticon

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