I will be speaking at TechEd North America 2014

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This week I’m in Houston for Microsoft’s 2014 TechEd North America event.

Yesterday, at the TechExpo, I ran into a couple of familiar faces. I talked to Ben Armstrong for a while, together with Didier van Hoye, MVP Hyper-V. While we were getting drinks for the guys at the booths, we ran into Mike Resseler, MVP System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management and working for Veeam.

It’s a small world, and what happened next illustrates exactly how small.

While I was discussing Mike Resseler’s PCIT-B341 Upgrading Active Directory the Safe Way: Using Virtualization Technologies session with him, I asked him if he was expecting any hard Active Directory-related questions. I offered to take a seat in the front row, so I could help him out. You know, that’s what Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) do…

Mike thought about it for a moment, but then replied:

“I’d much rather have you on stage with me.”


So, there you have it. I’ll be speaking at TechEd North America 2014. Glimlach

Here’s some more information on the session:

PCIT-B341 Upgrading Active Directory the Safe Way: Using Virtualization Technologies
Thursday, May 15 2:45 PM – 4:00 PM Room: General Assembly C
Speaker(s): Mike Resseler, Sander Berkouwer
Track: People-centric IT
Session Type: Breakout
Topic: Active Directory Domain Services

Upgrading technologies can always be a challenge and dangerous. By using your backup solution and virtualization technology (Hyper-V) you can try out everything upfront on your real production data without risking destroying the environment. The Change Management Process will become much easier.


When you’re also at TechEd North America, please visit our session. If not, make sure to visit Channel 9 after TechEd ends to see the recording of this session on demand.

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