Eight years of blogging

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Today, I realized I’ve been blogging here for the last eight years.

When comparing writing almost 600 blog posts these eight years to the development of children, eight years is special:

Eight-year-olds are becoming more confident about themselves and who they are. At age 8, they will likely have developed some interests and hobbies, and will know what they like and don’t like.

… and that is exactly how it feels.

When I started blogging, I didn’t have much experience in writing in English. In school I had written most papers in Dutch, and all the other writing throughout my professional career up to that point were in Dutch, too. I still rely heavily on built-in spell checkers, but these days I feel more confident on my English writing and speaking skills than ever. This is all due to this blog and the things that came from it, like the many International speaking engagements these last few years.

Also, I’m beginning to see the niche that is filled by this blog and this website. There aren’t much websites on the Internet that focus on Active Directory. The Dirteam.com / ActiveDir.org Weblogs do. Most of the time.

I’ve also defined pretty clearly what I’m writing on. I’m no longer writing on Microsoft Exchange. I’m, also, no longer writing on Server Core. (You can find it on ServerCore.Net nowadays). What you find here is blog posts on Active Directory and how you can use it as a central means for management and access.

Thank You!

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