Pictures of Experts Live 2014

On Thursday November 18, 2014, Raymond and I delivered two 1-hour sessions at Experts Live 2014 at Cinemic in Ede, the Netherlands.

With nearly 800 attendees, Experts Live transformed the cinema multiplex with its 6 smaller auditoriums (177 seats), its grand auditorium (336 seats) and its new Expo Theatre (1030 seats) into a buzzing and cloudy IT Pro world, not just for entertainment.

Arriving at the venue at dawn (click for larger photo)

Raymond and I started off with a presentation in Room 1 from 7:45 AM to 8:45 AM. This pre-keynote session on ‘Virtualizing highly-sensitive Domain Controllers on Hyper-V and Azure’ wasn’t attended by many people, but the folks who showed up got some interesting tidbits from us.

Kicking off the early session (click for original photo)Raymond explaining Kerberos using Onenote (click for larger photo)
Demo'ing Onenote-style (click for larger photo)

We ran for a mere 55 minutes, to give our attendees the chance to grab the best seats for the Keynote in the Expo Theatre auditorium. And they needed them. The auditorium was filled to the brink and the keynote was well worth it. The start with the Experts Live A-team parody was simply amazing.

Maarten Goet kicking off the keynote (click for larger photo)

Just before lunch, Raymond and I presented our second session ‘Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 Security Overview’ in the Grand Auditorium.

Raymond during our session (click for larger photo)
Agenda (click for larger photo)
Authentication, a large part of the security advances in Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 (click for larger photo)
Our grand audience (click for larger photo)
Picture from the top (click for larger photo)Picture from the top (click for larger photo)

After lunch, attending some more sessions, preparing our presentations for sharing and helping out fellow speakers, I attended the closing keynote by Tom Coronel.

Speaker Room (click for larger photo)
Tom Coronel (click for larger photo)Tom Coronel (click for larger photo)


It was a great event! Glimlach

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