Active Directory Domain Services Management Pack updated

While it has been a while since the Active Directory Domain Services Management Pack was updated, the team has now released an updated version with a crucial fix for Active Directory admins in my region of the world that has potentially been plaguing them for over a year.


About System Center Operations Manager

With Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (OpsMgr) you can leave the monitoring and alerting to software in a confident, fast and robust way. Now you can simply create an availability or replication bandwidth report by pressing a single button. No longer do you have to follow tedious routines to check up on your servers: The products in the System Center were created to do those things for you. Before Operations Manager became a part of the System Center family, it was known as Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM).

System Center Operations Manager (OpsMgr) comes with the basic set of monitoring tools to monitor Windows Servers. These basic monitoring capabilities can be extended using Management Packs for specific Server Roles and Server Products. Even more, Operations Manager features an extensibility framework to allow any 3rd party developer to write Management Packs. Packs have been written to manage UPS’s and even Linux hosts. Of course, monitoring is of little use in big environments with repeating errors, so System Center Operations Manager is designed to work together with the other members of the System Center family of products, like System Center Configuration Manager (formerly known as SMS Server) and System Center Orchestrator (formerly known as Opalis).

About the Active Directory Management Pack

Active Directory Domain Services is a Server Role in Windows Server and Microsoft has deemed it fit to have its own Management Pack. Even more, Microsoft has dedicated valuable time to actively maintain the Management Pack for Active Directory.



The version of the Active Directory Management Pack, released on September 9th, 2015, is 6.0.8321.0 and is the ninth version of the Management Pack since it’s original version (6.0.5000.0). It replaces version 6.0.8293.0 for August 2014.

This update is conveniently referred to as the September 2015 revision.

What’s new in this release?

This release focuses on fixing a common problem reported by mostly German customers. The accompanying text mentions:

  • Fixed AD_Op_Master_Response.vbs which fails if the region local system is set to a non EN-US locale. AD_Op_Master_Response.vbs script from Active Directory DS MP fails on some non-US locale settings due to the date format. With this fix, this issue is resolved.

In case you’re wondering what AD_Op_Master_Response.vbs does: It determines if the Domain Controllers holding the Flexible Single Master Operations (FSMO roles are available and monitors their response times.

When you import the Active Directory Domain Services Management Pack to your infrastructure, it will be placed on all Domain Controllers with the System Center Operations Manager (OpsMgr) agent installed.



You can download the update here.

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Hat tip

Thanks, Jeroen for checking out the new Management Pack with me. Glimlach

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