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Azure AD ConnectIn the past two weeks, since the release and availability of Azure AD Connect version, several people reported issues with the new and overhauled Azure AD Connect 1.1.1y branch.

The people of the Azure AD Connect team have listened and investigated these issues, cumulating to the release of Azure AD Connect version last Friday (February 26, 2016).

This release contains no new features, but instead focuses completely on the four identified issues with Azure AD Connect version


Fixed Issues

Failed in-place upgrades

The first issue that was identified, revolved around failed in-place upgrades from earlier releases when Azure AD Connect wasn’t installed in the default location in the C:\Program Files folder. This is now fixed, and you can in-place upgrade successfully from Azure AD Connect installations in the 1.0.9x branch.


Unable to Start the scheduler after disabling sync

Another issue was identified with what was referred to as the ‘default option of death’ at our office. By default, the option to Start the synchronization process as soon as the configuration completes on the Ready to configure page (the last page of the Installation wizard before configuration) is selected.

We tend to unselect this option, so we can make extensive filtering options before the first synchronization cycle so subsequent cycles won’t run into the deletion threshold.

Domain and Organizational Unit (OU) filtering are available during the installation wizard since the 1.1.1y branch, so only filtering based on attributes now warrants this apprehensive approach.

The identified issue is when the option is unselected at the end of the installation wizard, re-running the installation wizard would not enable the scheduler.


Unexpected scheduler behavior with regional settings

The third issue identified also involves the scheduler: The scheduler will not work as expected on servers where the date/time format is not US-en.

Additionally, Get-ADSyncScheduler return incorrect times, when this issue occurs.
For instance the output for the PowerShell Cmdlet will show 01.01.0001 as the value for NextSyncCycleStartTimeInUTC.


AD FS blocking access to the Installation Wizard

The fourth issue identified, involves earlier releases of Azure AD Connect that have AD FS configured as the sign-in option. After an in-place upgrade of Azure AD Connect to version the installation wizard cannot be run again.



When you’ve hit one of the issues above when upgrading to version of Azure AD Connect and may or may not have downgraded back to version 1.0.9x of Azure AD Connect, please upgrade to Azure AD Connect version

The issue identified by my colleague Mark Scholman with upgrading to Azure AD Connect and hitting error IndexOutOfRangeException, was not addressed in this version of Azure AD Connect.

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    I ran the msi, it told be it was about to perform an inplace upgrade. I cancelled because it warned me the syncadmins group wasn't there. I cancelled the installed, created the group and now when I run the MSI, it no longer offers the upgrade… only the repair/remove. How can I get the MSI to realize it needs to do the upgrade instead?

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