Pictures of ITPROceed 2016

Two weeks ago, I presented at ITPROceed 2016 at Utopolis in Mechelen, Belgium. I was invited back as a speaker, as I presented on ITPROceed 2015 previously.

I drove off in the first daylight from my home, since it’s a 2-hour drive from my house to the venue in Mechelen, driving past Rotterdam and Antwerpen, and their traffic challenges, on the way over.

Rotterdam in the early morning light (click for larger photo)

In Mechelen, I was overtaken and greeted by a guy in a white BMW. Apparently, Adnan Hendricks, my former colleague at OGD and now working for Microsoft Netherlands. We didn’t drive together this year, but at least shared the last few miles of tarmac.

I parked the car and saw Mark Eveleens and Richard van Zundert of OpsLogix fame:

Breakfast Reception at ITPROceed (click for larger photo, courtesy of the ITPROceed Organization)

After some light breakfast, I checked in at the VIP (cinema)room, which was in use as the speaker room (like last years). I received a new ITPROceed speaker shirt and met up with more familiar faces, especially the CoreTech Benelux people; Kenny Buntinx, Dieter Wijckmans and Tim De Keukelaere and the Microsoft BeLux delegation; Sigrid Vandenweghe and Peter de Tender.

The VIP Room, acting as Speaker Room (click for larger photo)Kenny Buntix offering to iron the shirt? (click for larger photo)

With Rasmus Hald sitting directly behind me, I made some last-minute tweaks to the presentation and added a backup demo, that would circumvent any Azure Portal goofiness I might experience… Remember: My demo’s at ITPROceed were based on Windows 10 build 14361 (released four days earlier) and the current release of Azure Active Directory… Yes, I like to live dangerously. Knipogende emoticon

After lunch, my 50-minute time slot emerged and I got ready to present on ‘Azure Active Directory Join for Windows 10 Bring-Your-Own Scenarios’.

Title Slide (click for larger photo)
Last moment preparations before the session (click for larger photo)Yep, that's what this session is about... (click for larger photo)
Beginning the presentation (click for larger photo, courtesy of the ITPROceed organization)And we have lift off! ;-) (click for larger photo, courtesy of the ITPROceed organization)
Enjoy the Show! (click for larger press shot courtesy of the ITPROceed organization)
A lot of people in the audience taking pictures. Fun!

I’d like to thank all the attendees of the session. You were great!

After the session I wrapped up my equipment and headed back to the speaker room to ditch my stuff; With my presentation done, I could catch up with old acquaintances (Hi, Arlindo!) and sponsors (VEEAM and GlobalKnowledge among others), and have conversations with my fellow geeks (Hi, Didier!).

Joining the crowd in the central hallwayTwittering all the ITPROceed goodness with Rasmus (click for larger photo, courtesy of the ITPROceed organization)

After the closing keynote on ‘Data is the new electricity’, and the ITPROceed raffle, it was time for the ITPROceed BBQ.

The ITPROceed Raffle, a recurring spectacle! (Click for larger photo, courtesy of the ITPROceed organization)The ITPROceed BBQ, a new spectacle! (photo courtesy of the ITPROceed organization)
The wonderful group of people running ITPROceed. You know who you are. You are great! Thank You!

I just love how Azure, Azure Stack and Azure Steak come together like that! Emoticon die tong uitsteekt

A quiet drive back home to give all these new impressions and thoughts the right place in my head later, I arrived home with my family.

Thank you!


When you’re interested in all the pictures, shared by the ITPROceed organization, take a look here, as I have only shared a selection of these pictures.

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