Join me for an Active Directory 101 webinar, in cooperation with Veeam

Active Directory 101

This year, as a Veeam Vanguard, I’m hosting a series of three Active Directory Domain Services webinars, together with Timothy Dewin and hosted by Veeam.

The first webinar in the series is the Active Directory 101 webcast on February 21, 2017.

I’m very excited for this session, because for me it is a way to return to basics with Active Directory. Starting at absolute zero, I’ll explain the logical and physical components of Active Directory, so you can hop on to this technology with ease.

For every beginning Active Directory admin, but also for experienced admins who are only just starting managing Active Directory, this is the webinar to start off. If this is you, please join me. Glimlach

You can join the EMEA session at 2 PM CET, or you can join the Americas session at 1 PM EDT. Both sessions are (nearly) identical.


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About the Veeam Active Directory Webinars

The Active Directory Deep Dive series of webcasts consists of three Active Directory Domain Services-oriented webinars, that I’m hosting together with Timothy Dewin and Veeam.

February 21: Active Directory 101

Get into Active Directory basics and best practices, including:

  1. Deep dive into specifics of Active Directory service roles
  2. Domain Controllers deploying, grouping and interaction with DNS and DHCP services
  3. Proper configuration of AD

March 7: Active Directory and Virtualization

Deep dive into the latest changes of Active Directory, including:

  1. Challenges and recommendations with virtualizing Domain Controllers
  2. How Domain Controller Cloning saves your bacon
  3. Five key enhancements in Active Directory security in Windows Server 2016

March 21: Active Directory Backup and Restore

Do you know how many people couldn’t restore their ADs due to bad configuration?
Learn how to:

  1. Accordingly configure your backup jobs
  2. Avoid fails at restores
  3. Verify the recoverability of every Active Directory backup

Each webinar is repeated on the same day, to accommodate attendees around the globe. The first session is scheduled for 2PM CET. The second session is scheduled for 1PM EDT.

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