I’m delivering a session at Microsoft Hrvatska in Zagreb this Monday

Romeo Mlinar, my friend and Hyper-V MVP from Croatia, asked me to speak at the Microsoft IT Pro User Group Zagreb at Microsoft Hrvatska on Monday evening April 24, 2017. Since I’m in Croatia and Bosnia for Microsoft NetWork/7 anyway, I might as well make myself useful. Glimlach

microsoft hrvatska

I’m delivering a 75-minute session on:

Join Windows 10 to Azure Active Directory and beyond!

Since early Windows versions, we’ve been joining Windows devices to Active Directory domains. This works great, although we do hit problems sometimes.

Windows 10 brings a huge change to the way we think of joining devices to a trusted environment. Now, when you boot Windows for the first time, it asks to join Active Directory or Azure Active Directory. Why has Microsoft added this? What do you choose? How does this change our decade-old security thinking? What happens to single sign-on and management of devices?

In this interactive session, I’m answering all these questions and taking the attendees along on the journey towards the cloud and the infinite possibilities it offers, based on real-world examples. They’ll be surprised by the new opportunities!


Will I see you there?

Join this session to learn about the new features that Windows 10 and Azure bring to your Bring-Your-Own, Choose-Your-Own, yet Manage-all processes.

This is a free event.
Please feel welcome at Microsoft Hrvatska, Horvatova 82 Zagreb on April 21, 2016. We’ll start at 17:30.

More information and the registration link can be found here.

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