I’m speaking at WinDays 17

In 2015, I presented two sessions at WinDays XV. Last year,
I presented to sessions at WinDays 16. This year, it feels like it’s becoming a habit for me to present two sessions at WinDays:

I’m speaking at WinDays 17 at the Valamar Isabella Island Resort in Poreč, Croatia. Glimlach


About WinDays

WinDays 17 Logo

WinDays, the largest regional business and technology conference, will celebrate its 17th anniversary this year. The conference brings together more than 1,500 attendees from Croatia and the region, as well as the most prestigious international and regional speakers and lecturers from the world of business and technology.

As always, WinDays17 Technology brings lots of news about Microsoft technologies and solutions. The conference will present specific ways and technology solutions that enable people to optimize business processes, customization of products and solutions, more active involvement of the users and empowerment of individuals and employees to achieve more. The primary focus of the conference will be on innovative solutions based on cloud, with a special accent on digital solutions and solutions based on open source, but also on case studies and security topics.

Valamar Isabella Island Resort

Microsoft WinDays17 will take place at the Valamar Isabella Island Resort in Poreč from Wednesday April 25 to Thursday April 28, 2017. For the second year in a row Poreč will host WinDays conference. Its 17th edition will take place on the Island of Saint Nicolas, often referred by participants as „WinDays Island“.


About my sessions

I will be presenting two 45-minute session on WinDays 17:

Azure AD Connect, Inside Out

Thursday April 26, 2017 9:30 AM – 10:15 AM, Castle 4

New hybrid cloud scenarios introduce new identity challenges. But how do you overcome these? How do you properly design and implement Hybrid Identity in real world scenarios? In this demo-packed session, I turn Microsofts free Hybrid Identity 'bridge' product, Azure AD Connect, inside out, showing all the good stuff, but also the gory details!

This session is one no Active Directory admin should miss!

A deep dive into Azure Active Directory Domain Join

Thursday April 26, 2017 12:50 PM – 1:35 PM, Castle 6

Windows 10 changes the game for corporate devices. Domain Join does not have the same ring to it anymore. Now devices can be joined both on-premises and to the cloud, or one at the time. How is this different and what new opportunities do we get? How does this affect everything we've been doing all these years?

Join this session to learn how to implement and troubleshoot Windows 10 in a cloud or hybrid infrastructure and be prepared for the next big thing!


See you there? Knipogende emoticon


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