Pictures of WinDays 17

Two weeks ago, I presented two sessions at WinDays at the Valamar Isabella Island Resort in Poreč, Croatia.

We drove from Zagreb to Poreč on Wednesday April 26th, to arrive around lunchtime at the event. We parked the car at the Valamar Diamant Hotel, that was reserved for speakers and hopped onto the boat that brought us to the Island affectionately known as ‘WinDays Island’.

The Valamar Island, not the best of weather (click for larger photo)

We shared lunch with attendees from both the WinDays Business and WinDays Technology conferences and then attended the Technology Keynote.

The WinDays Keynote Room (click for larger photo)During the WinDays Technology Keynote (click for larger photo)

After that we enjoyed dinner and the first of two WinDays parties. I didn’t stay long at the party, since my first presentation, on Azure AD Connect was up at 9:30 AM the next day.

I was present at my first session an hour and a half early to check the audio and video and the contrast, Since I was scheduled to deliver my session in Castle 4 (a tent), I wanted to experience the acoustics first hand.

Castle 4, a tent (click for larger photo)
Explaining the differences between Azure AD Connect and the Windows Azure Active Directory Connector for Forefront Identity Manager (picture from WinDays organization)Presenting on why we need Azure Active Directory (picture by WinDays organization)

Before my session, WinDays scheduled a Red Hat hands-on lab in Castle 4. I had the most pleasant chat with the guy from Red Hat, before and after his session, while I prepared for my demos.

I delivered my session while it was raining outside. It didn’t bother me, because the forecast mentioned we would see some sun after early showers. However, when thunder and lightning provided additional effects to my slides and presentations, I was getting more worried about making it back to the hotel without getting soaked. The person responsible for my audio cranked the volume up a bit and we were all fine.

After the session, it stopped raining.

Right before lunch, I delivered my second presentation. This session was scheduled in the other tent across the Valamar Castle; Castle 6.

Presenting at Castle 6 (picture by WinDays organization)

With my presentations done, I could start enjoying myself and start socializing a bit. 
During the remainder of the event I had great conversations over food and attended presentations from friends.

Aleksandar Nikolic presenting on Azure Automation (click for larger photo)'Hyper-V doctor' Romeo Mlinar sharing his Hyper-V Best Practices (click for larger photo)Luka Manojlovic sharing his throughts on Storage Spaces Direct (click for larger photo)


Thank you! Glimlach
(Hvala ma!)

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