Pictures of the 2017 Experts Live Summer Night

Yesterday, Raymond Comvalius and I presented a 45-minute session on Shielded VMs at the Experts Live Summer Night, the IT Pro BBQ of the year,

We arrived together at de Landgoederij in Bunnik, because we both parked our electric cars at the same location, a little outside the venue. Therefore, we received our speaker badges simultaneously.

Speaker Badges (click for larger photo)

At 3:40PM we could enter the room, which is the main room at the venue. We set up our presentation and then kicked it off at 4PM.

Title Slide (click for larger photo)Our audience (click for larger photo)Introduction (click for larger photo by Robert Smit)Wasn't BitLocker supposed to be the solution? (click for larger photo by Erik Loef)Interacting with the audience (click for larger photo)Raymond Comvalius presenting (click for larger photo)What's the Issue? (click for larger photo by James vd Berg)Presenting (Click for larger photo by Jaap Brasser)

Right on time, we rounded up our questions and made room for Jaap Brasser who presented on JEA and JIT. 

We had tons of fun! Emoticon met brede lach 
Thank you!


You were expecting pictures of IT Pros BBQ’ing or me eating in the sun?
I’m sorry.

Unfortunately I had to leave right after the presentation to make it in time to other appointments.

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