My Cybersecurity Talk interview with CQURE Academy is now available

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Raymond Comvalius and I presented at the Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NICConf) in February of this year. Before our Azure AD B2C and Azure AD B2B session, we were interviewed by Paula Januszkiewicz for her CQURE Academy. Raymond’s interview for this series of CyberSecurity Talk has been available for some time. Yesterday CQURE Academy published my interview.

If you want to skip to specific sections of the interview, then use the information below:

00:00 – 00:30 Introduction
00:30 – 01:09 About me and what I do

This is the boring part, I know.

01:10 – 02:24 What Active Directory is safer? The one on-premises or in the cloud?

Paula and I discuss how Azure Active Directory is different from Active Directory and how Microsoft makes Azure AD safer, at least for the coming five years. In the light of the blogpost titled ‘How we secure your data in Azure AD’ on the Enterprise Mobility blog last week, I guess we nailed it six months ago.

02:25 – 04:09 Can you do without Active Directory?

Paula and I discuss if we see Active Directory go away in the next ten years. It begs the question if we can do without Active Directory. New organizations already are Azure AD-only. It’s easy to set up. Existing organizations have a harder time.

04:10 – 06:29 Can you manage Azure Active Directory to the same degree?

Paula provided talking points on role separation, management and auditing. We discussed them al and I feel the two-portal-situation Azure AD is in today, really tells you there’s a lot to manage.

06:30 – 07:57 So you want to be like me?
07:58 – 09:29 Tips for Pros

Don’t be like me.

09:30 – 10:37 What would Azure AD look like in 20 years?

Bigger, better, faster, stronger? Let’s just hope we don’t have to uncomfortably migrate from Azure AD 1.0 to Azure AD 2.0, like we had to with Azure IaaS from the Azure Service Management (ASM) model to the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) model…

10:38 – 11:24 Paula summarizing
11:25 – 12:20 Thank you and goodbye


About Cybersecurity Talk

CQURE AcademyPaula leverages her CQURE Academy initiative to share interviews with people doing identity, mobility and security: Cybersecurity Talk. You can watch all interviews and keep up with new interviews at the CQURE Academy Cybersecurity Talks website and the Cybersecurity Talk Youtube Channel.

My interview is the 17th in the series, including interviews with Alex de Jong, Aidan Finn, Johan Arwidmark, Andy Malone, Wally Mead, Sami Laiho and, of course, my buddy Raymond Comvalius. Definitely worth checking out!



I still can’t believe that Paula and I did one take for this interview and that it survived with only one minor cut. We had so much fun. Watching it again made me laugh out loud three times today.

Enjoy! Emoticon met brede lach

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