I’m co-presenting at the KNVI Congress

The Dutch Professional Association of Information and IT Professionals (KNVI) organizes its yearly congress next week. I’m honored to be invited to co-present two sessions, together with my buddy Raymond Comvalius.


About KNVI

knvi_logoThe Dutch Professional Association of Information and IT Professionals (KNVI) is an independent platform for sharing professional knowledge and expanding the personal networks of ICT Pros, information professionals, students and employers who want to keep their employees up to date.

KNVI organizes multiple meetings per month, publishes AG Connect both online and in print,and offers discounts to its members.

KNVI is a merged organization of several professional associations, including the Dutch Networking User Group (Ngi-NGN) and the Dutch Association for Documentary Information and Organization Administration (SOD).

About KNVI Congress

WebThe KNVI Congress is KNVI’s largest event, organized yearly. The 2017 KNVI Congress is organized on November 9th, 2017 at the NBC Congrescentrum in Nieuwegein, Netherlands. This year’s theme is Information is Power.

This year’s event features keynotes by René ten Bos, appointed Dutch Thinker, Professor Rik Maes and Marietje Schaake, member of the European Parlement.


Our sessions

Raymond and I will present two 40-minute sessions:

Automatic D, T and A environments and Continuous Integration with Veeam and Microsoft

11:30AM – 12:10PM, Track 5: The New Datacenter, will it empower us?

Microsoft Azure changes daily. We can expect a new version of Windows Server every six months. Although Microsoft offers a wide bandwidth of supported versions, organizations expect their admins to keep up and stay within the bandwidth.

The only way we see admins keep up is by testing changes and formally accept these changed in representative test and acceptance environments. Raymond and I show the attendees how to achieve this, costeffectively and safe. We’ll also share our best practices, based on our experiences with Veeam and Microsoft technologies and products. We’ll enable their organizations to take a couple of steps forward.

How to Migrate off your on-premises environments

2:15PM – 2:55PM, Track 8: The Power of Cloud

The continuing waves in the sea of IT push us towards the cloud, today. Yesterday’s wave of virtualization and last decade’s waves of VDI and centralization might have left you wary of any new projects. But today’s news is really something and we’d like you to pay attention, because it’s easily digestible with last decade’s experience under your belt.

Raymond and I show you how to embrace the new possibilities of the cloud and potentially get rid of the square footage, cooling needs, firewalls and even your Domain Controllers. Dive into the full stack of Microsoft cloud possibilities and impossibilities with us.


Join KNVI!

It’s not too late to join KNVI Dutch.
This is a prerequisite to being able to attend the KNVI Congress.

Subscriptions to KNVI for students are free. Subscriptions for individuals start at EUR 97,50 per year for members aged 27 and below and EUR 99,99 for retirees. Other individual subscriptions set you back EUR 165 per year. Organizational subscriptions are available upon request.

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