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On Wednesday May 2nd, I featured in a webcast from the editors of Redmond Magazine. This webcast, sponsored by Okta, is now available on demand.

Best Practices for Pulling Identities Together: What Enterprises Are Doing Now to Stay Secure

OktaIn this editorial webcast, Lafe Low from Redmond Magazine, Daniel Lu from Okta and I walk through the best practices organizations are using to corral all the accounts an average employee uses today to log into tens of applications, and make sure these accounts are being used in a way that doesn’t compromise the rest of the organization.


Questions we covered included:

  • How are organizations unifying their identity and authentication processes through Single Sign-On, especially in organizations with an Active Directory environment?
  • How do organizations gain visibility into the SaaS apps that are being used by their employees?
  • How can organizations enforce secure password policies for their users on SaaS apps that are hosted by third parties?
  • What kind of education is most effective in preventing users from reusing passwords or otherwise skirting company policies?

Watch it now

Come away from this session with actionable tactics for minimizing the gaps in your company’s identity and authentication security posture.

Register for the on-demand version of the webcast here.

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