Pictures of Techorama Belgium 2018

Last week, I presented at Techorama Belgium 2018 in Antwerp.

In terms of travel, this was the ideal event for me, since the organization scheduled my presentation for the last time slot on Day 1. Being an early starter, this meant I could work a normal day (for me, that’s 7AM – 3:30PM), then travel to Antwerp, throw my slide deck together and still be in time for the session, starting at 5:45 PM.

Outside of Techorama Belgium (Click for larger photo)
Techorama Banners (Click for larger photo)A Renault Kadjar dressed up as Chewbaca for the Solo Premiere (Click for larger photo)

On Wednesday May 23, I arrived at around 16:30 at Kinepolis. I talked to a couple of speakers and a couple of attendees, who happened to be former colleagues. Then, I put the finishing touches to my slide deck and headed over to room 16 for my presentation on Azure AD Connect.

Introduction slide (Photo by Thijs Moerman, click for larger photo)What is Azure AD? This slide keeps expanding... (Photo by Thijs Moerman, click for larger photo)Using Azure AD Connect Staging Mode for Lifecycle Management, not for High Availability (Photo by Thijs Moerman, click for larger photo)The differences between Azure AD Registered, Azure AD Joined and Hybrid Azure AD Joined (Photo by Thijs Moerman, click for larger photo)

After my session it was time for the Techorama speaker buffet in the Lindner Hotel, next to Antwerp Central train station. Leaving my car at Kinepolis for the night, I hopped on the shuttle to the hotel, checked in, and enjoyed the evening with my fellow speakers.

Having Fun with Dieter and Thomas at the Techorama Speaker Buffet (Photo by Thomas Maurer, click for larger photo)
Cheers! Rasmus Hald and René van Osnabrugge (Click for larger photo)Time for bed at the Lindner Hotel (Click for larger photo)

After a good night’s rest and some breakfast, I opted for the shuttle again to get me back to Kinepolis. Hanging out with some of the speakers, having lunch and attending sessions were the highlights of this day.

Paula's Keynote at Techorama Day 3 (Click for larger photo)

After a couple of drinks at the Techorama 5 Year Celebration, where I mostly spoke to the guys from Synergics and Fabian Williams, I drove home with a smile on my face.


Thank you! Thumbs up

Thanks to all the people attending, sitting in on my session and, of course, the people who stuck around after my session for the interesting discussions. Thanks to the Techorama organization for making it better every year and, of course, my fellow speakers who are always fun to hang out with.

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