I’m speaking at TechMentor Redmond 2018

TechMentor Redmond 2018: Geek Of Thrones

Presenting at the Microsoft Campus in Redmond has been an item on my bucket list, for a while. In three weeks time, I’m getting the opportunity to do just that, at TechMentor Redmond 2018!


About TechMentor Events

TechMentor offers quality education and exposure to what’s now, new and next in the IT world. Since 1998, TechMentor has delivered immediately usable training to IT professionals.

Leveraging highly respected and professional presenters, TechMentor delivers how-to technical information on deploying, managing and supporting Microsoft products and technologies.


About TechMentor Redmond 2018:
‘Geek of Thrones’

On August 6 through August 10, 2018, TechMentor returns to Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond, WA for TechMentor Redmond 2018: ‘Geek of Thrones’. In today’s IT world, more things change than stay the same. For its 20th birthday, TechMentor is more committed than ever to providing immediately usable IT education, with the tools you need today, while preparing you for tomorrow – keep up, stay ahead and avoid Winter, ahem, Change.


About my presentations

I will be delivering two presentations:

TH13 – Security Implications of Virtualizing Active Directory Domain Controllers

Thursday August 9 2:15PM – 3:30 PM, St. Helens

Active Directory Domain Controllers hold the keys to your kingdom. So how do you virtualize these castles of identity, without compromising on the requirements of your organization?

This session shares the best practices and process recommendations for hardening, backing up, restoring and managing virtualized Domain Controllers on both Hyper-V, Azure Stack and in Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service VMs, from the field.


TH19 – Azure AD Connect Inside and Out

Thursday August 9 3:45PM – 5 PM, Cascade 

New hybrid cloud scenarios introduce new identity challenges. But how do you overcome these? How do you properly design and implement Hybrid Identity in real world scenarios?

In this demo-packed session, I’ll turn Microsoft’s free Hybrid Identity ‘bridge’ product, Azure AD Connect, inside out, showing all the good stuff, but also the gory details!
This session is one no Active Directory admin should miss!


Join us!

You owe it to yourself, your company and your career to be at TechMentor Redmond 2018! This is your chance to experience 5 full days of sessions and in-depth workshops taught by 3rd party instructors, leading independent IT analysts and Microsoft team members. Register for TechMentor Redmond 2018: ‘Geek of Thrones’ now.

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