Raymond and I are inspiring our fifth batch of High School students this year

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Raymond at last year's 'Inspire Me' session at the Graafschap College

One of the most rewarding  community activities is to teach young people about technology. Just like the previous four years, Raymond and I have scheduled another ‘Inspire Me’ meeting with High School students of the Graafschap College in Doetinchem, the Netherlands.

On Wednesday August 29th, straight from VMware VMworld, (Raymond is picking me up at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport on his way over…) we’re presenting three 45-minute presentations as part of the last year of studies for High School students aspiring to become Systems Administrators.


About our presentation

We will be discussing the concepts of Modern Management to these students.
While their text books don’t cover most of the Bring-Your-Own, Choose-Your-Own, Windows 10, Intune or Azure stuff, our presentation is chock-full with it. Or course, we’re not just theoretically explaining it, but also demo’ing the most intriguing aspects of claims-based authentication, hybrid identity and leveraging current investment, all based on one relatively simple case, they might get asked on their first job as a Systems Administrator:

Can you provide secure access to our organization’s resources for both trusted and untrusted devices, used by both employees and others, without the need for firewalls, and, of course, for the lowest possible (initial) cost?

The fun part of our presentation is that after several of these sessions, the students are tasked to rebuild one of the shown implementations and have to explain to their teachers how it works. Because, when you’re able to explain it, you truly understand it. 

In the past years, our implementation got mimicked quite often, which is the biggest compliment these students can give us!


About the High School

Logo Graafschap CollegeWe are invited by the two teachers as part of the MBO Level 4 ICT Management Year 3 curriculum at the Graafschap College in Doetinchem, the Netherlands.

Personally, I feel honored to contribute to making the education of these IT Professionals-to-be more future proof by telling them about Enterprise Mobility and Azure. Their textbooks don’t contain this information yet, so I feel getting it presented to them by two passionate Microsoft MVPs is the next best thing.

I’m looking forward to it again! Glimlach

If you’re teaching class or are responsible for the IT curriculum at your education organization, contact Raymond or me to find out what we can do for you.

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