Pictures of our Security session at Graafschap College

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As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Raymond Comvalius and I were scheduled for an ‘Inspire Me’ session at Graafschap College last week. Our challenge was to inspire their High School students in their 3rd year for their future as systems administrators with information security.

For me, this presentation followed on a flight from Las Vegas via Atlanta, on my way back from VMware’s VMworld event. Raymond picked me up at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and drove us to Ulft, where the Graafschap College rented a conference room at the ICER venue, part of the former DRU ore factory for our presentation. This has been the policy with the Graafschap College, as they don’t have conference rooms anymore at their current facilities. This is a cost-cutting measure that Raymond and I gladly take advantage of, just like last year!

After a nice sandwich as our lunches, we started the first of our three 45-minute presentation and demo sessions where we covered Active Directory security, Windows and Azure AD Hardening, device registration, multi-factor authentication and backup and restore in the cloud.

Presenting (click for larger photo by Mikael Engels)
Passwords Be Gone! (click for larger photo, by Ronald Wassink)Why Passwords Are Bad (click for larger photo by Ronald Wassink)

We had a lot of fun! Emoticon met brede lach

Fortunately, the guys from Graafschap College also enjoyed the session. Ronald Wassink and Arnold Maatman gave us some big compliments afterwards, which is always a nice thing when you’re working together with inspiring and motivating teachers like them. We’re honored to be a part of the education of these students, showing them the importance of a life of learning.

A nice Limber Up Pale Ale by the Meantime Brewing Company (click for larger photo)

We had some good discussions over dinner afterwards, with a couple of local beers to enjoy.

Thank you.

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