Identity-related sessions at Microsoft Ignite 2018 in Orlando

Microsoft Ignite 2018 North America in Orlando is only a few weeks away and many of us have begun filling their session builder with interesting sessions, corresponding to their interests and knowledge.

I decided to compile a list of the Active Directory, Azure Active Directory and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S) related sessions at Ignite 2018. I’ve compiled the list below, divided per Ignite session type and arranged by date, since Ignite offers 75-minute breakout sessions, 45-minute breakout sessions and 20-minute theater sessions over five days.

All below sessions are streamed live from Ignite. These can be viewed using a free Microsoft Tech Community account, linked to an Office 365 or Microsoft Account.


Breakout Sessions (75 minutes)

When your goal at Ignite is to learn about the different Active Directory technologies and Group Policy topics, breakout sessions offer the most bang for your buck. In 75 minutes, speakers show technologies with presentations and demos.

GS008 – Microsoft security: How the cloud helps us all be more secure

Joy Chik and Rob Lefferts

BRK2254 – Azure Active Directory: New features and roadmap

Alex Simons and Melanie Maynes

BRK2158 – Elevate the security for all your cloud apps and services with the Microsoft CASB – Cloud App Security

Kim Kischel and Niv Goldenberg

BRK3031 – Getting to a world without passwords

Alex Simons and Manini Roy Star

BRK3037 – Windows devices and Azure Active Directory: What’s new and what’s upcoming

Samuel Devasahayam and Sandeep Deo Star

BRK2429 – Customer story: How to protect and restore Active Directory from malicious or accidental destruction

Brian Hymer and Neil Flood

BRK3243 – Hybrid identity and access management best practices

Adam Steenwyk and Mark Morowczynski Star

BRK3244 – Modernize your identity lifecycle management with Azure Active Directory

Speaker unknown at this moment…

BRK3234 – An IT pros guide to Open ID Connect, OAuth 2.0 with the V1 and V2 Azure Active Directory endpoints

John Craddock Star

BRK3251 – Shut the door to cybercrime with identity-driven security

Mark Morowczynski and Nitika Gupta

BRK2157 – Ensure comprehensive identity protection with Microsoft 365

Alex Weinert and Yinon Costica

BRK3241 – Enable Azure Active Directory Conditional Access to secure user access while unlocking productivity across Microsoft 365

Alex Esibov, Caleb Baker and Joey Glocke

BRK4022 – Troubleshooting OpenID Connect and OAuth2.0 protocols on Azure Active Directory

John Craddock Star

BRK3383 – Managing identities in Azure with Azure Active Directory

Arturo Lucatero

BRK3030 – What’s new in Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) in Windows Server 2019

Samuel Devasahayam Star


Breakout sessions (45 minutes)

Microsoft Ignite also offers 45-minute Breakout sessions:

BRK3272 – Authentication and passwords: The good, the bad, and the really ugly!

Hasain Alshakarti Star

BRK3221 – Combat advanced cyber attacks with Microsoft Cloud App Security

Gal Zilberstein

BRK3238 – Introduction to identity standards

Pamela Dingle Star

BRK4027 – Get insights into Azure Active Directory conditional access like never before

Rajat Luthra

BRK2265 – Architecting your app’s access and security with identity as the control plane

Kyle Marsh

BRK2253 – What’s new for Windows Hello for Business

Aabha Thipsay and Mike Stephens

BRK3222 – Control and protect your data through privileged access management capabilities in Microsoft 365

Abhishek Kumar and Caroline Shin

BRK3248 – Protect the keys to your kingdom with Privileged Identity Management

Steve Lieberman

BRK3240 – Secure customer identity and access management using Azure Active Directory B2C

Jose Rojas and Robin Goldstein

BRK3236 – Step up your identity infrastructure with a native CASB integration

Alex Esibov and Dana Kaufman

BRK3226 – Secure access to Office 365/Azure Active Directory with new features in AD FS in Windows Server 2019

Anand Yadav

BRK3342 – Best practices to manage keys and secrets for apps using multi-language Azure SDKs

Josh Gavant


Theater Sessions

When a deep-dive is not really necessary, why not opt for a 20-minute session, focusing on a specific part of a technology, explained and/or demoed by experts from the field, featuring real-world examples and cases. Theater sessions at Ignite offer this kind of interaction, and it’s no wonder most of these sessions are led by Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs):

THR1097 – Security is important to SMBs, too

Dave Padget

THR2297 – There are no compensating controls for an insecure Active Directory

Randy Franklin Smith

THR1064 – Understanding the value proposition of Azure Key Vault

Jasjit Chopra

THR3024 – How to add MFA to your Exchange Online/on-premises mailboxes in 20 minutes or less

Jeff Guillet

THR3005 – Protect your sensitive data as you migrate from on-premises to the cloud

Enrique Saggesse and Kevin McKinnerney

THR3043 – Secure administration across Microsoft Office and Azure clouds

Steve Lieberman

THR2238 – Joining devices to Azure AD in a hybrid world

Sandeep Deo

THR3044 – Maximizing business value available with identity in the cloud

Jasmine Perez and Sadie Henry

THR2214 – From the trenches: Hardening your Azure Active Directory tenant

Sander Berkouwer Smile

THR3064 – Built-in, not bolted on – securing your Azure resources in practice

Johan Dahlbom and Stefan Schörling

THR3047 – Ensure all your users have strong passwords with Azure Active Directory password protection

Anand Yadav

THR3074 – How to get started with Azure MFA the right way

Jan Ketil Skanke

THR2081 – Single sign-on best practices for Azure Active Directory and Microsoft accounts

Saeed Akhter

THR3046 – Choosing the right authentication method

Swaroop Krishnamurthy

THR2064 – Level up on identity-driven endpoint security with conditional access based on device trust

Jimmy Lin

THR3087 – Using EMS to secure OneDrive

Olav Tvedt

THR2256 – Best practices for privileged access management

Joe Vachon

THR2148 – Experiences with going password-less

Sander Berkouwer Smile

THR3052 – How to add MFA to your Exchange on-premises or Exchange Online mailboxes in 20 minutes or less (Repeat Session)

Jeff Guillet

THR3048 – Replace passwords with new options from Microsoft

Steve Syfuhs



When you’re not attending Microsoft Ignite, this year, use the above list of Identity-related sessions to convince your manager, next year or watch the live streams (available for all of the above sessions) or recordings (available after roughly 24 hours of the end of the session).

When you are attending Ignite and are into identity, please use the above list to add some identity flavor to your session builder: especially the sessions I’ve denoted with a star are worth your time.

Of course, I invite you to visit my two theater sessions.

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