We’re organizing the Event of the Year with the KNVI SIG IT Infra

Raymond, Erwin, Martijn, Tom and I have been plotting for quite some time to organize a yearly Dutch event. We want to share the latest in our industry, without the marketing talk and without the corporate bullshit other events bring. In my utterly biased opinion1, there’s only one organization in the Netherlands, that can pull that off.

Last year we organized the ‘Windows as a Service’ event for KNVI members. It was a lot of fun, but this year, we have improved upon the formula, added some more fun elements and are back for another year.


About KNVI

knvi_logoThe Dutch Professional Association of Information and IT Professionals (KNVI) is an independent platform for sharing professional knowledge and expanding the personal networks of ICT Pros, information professionals, students and employers who want to keep their employees up to date.

KNVI organizes multiple meetings per month, publishes AG Connect both online and in print,and offers discounts to its members.

KNVI is a merged organization of several professional associations, including the Dutch Networking User Group (Ngi-NGN) and the Dutch Association for Documentary Information and Organization Administration (SOD).


About the KNVI IT Infra Event of the Year

On Wednesday October 3, 2018, we’ll transform the Postillion Hotel in Bunnik into Walhalla for IT Professionals:

  • One straight-from-real-life Keynote and one completely hilarious Closing Keynote where we ‘Roast the Cloud’
  • Ten 45-minute sessions on cloud, on-premises and business topics
  • Two 45-minute interactive panel sessions with four industry specialists each. One panel focuses on keeping stuff out of the cloud. The other focuses on getting stuff to the cloud as fast as possible.


About my sessions

I’m not just involved in the planning and preparations for the event, I’m also actively participating in two sessions:


Alles naar de Cloud toe!

2:20PM – 3:05PM Dutch

Four so-called experts and four of their favorite topics.
What could possibly go wrong?

Device management with the guy who thinks of his avatar when discussing imaging, identity management with the guy you recognize everywhere, Office 365 with KNVI’s own productivity guru and Azure Compute by the guy who spends more time in the sun than in datacenters…

Join them on their cloud journeys. Not to Mordor to throw a certain piece of jewelry into a mountain of fire, but just to bring your IT to the cloud.


Roast the Cloud

3:30PM – 4:15PM Dutch

Remember when Comedy Central roasted Justin Bieber, Donald Trump and even Charlie Sheen? #Winning! Now it’s time to hold  one of the biggest phenomena of our recent IT careers accountable: the Cloud.

Six of your favorite experts will make fun of themselves, each other, and, of course, the technology that we can’t get enough of.  Some experts warn about the other experts and against leveraging cloud technologies, while other experts have no respect for anyone or anything on-premises.

Hear what they have to say, and don’t be afraid to chime in!


Join us!

Register here. Dutch

One of the things we’ve learned last year is that many people wanted to join the event, but either didn’t have the money to join or didn’t want a KNVI membership.

This year, we have two new packages:

  1. No frills package
    As an IT Pro, you can join the event for € 99.
    No strings attached. No nagging marketing afterwards. No privacy issues.
    No membership.
  2. Free student package
    As a student, you can join for free: When you create a free KNVI student membership, you can join this event and all the other events scheduled for this calendar year for free. Checks apply.

Of course, as a member of KNVI, you can join the event for free, anyway.
There’s room for 300 people for this event and we haven’t filled all our seats, yet.

  • 1 I’m an active member of the board of the KNVI Special Interest Group (SIG) IT Infra

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