Azure AD Connect fixes two issues

Azure AD Connect

After every fresh major release of Azure AD Connect by Microsoft, several smaller hotfix releases update the functionality to prevent issues where administrators are not able to perform certain configurations or gain access to functionality.

Last week, Azure AD Connect version was released, fixing two issues that were introduced in the first release of the 1.5.x.0 branch of Azure AD Connect releases.


What’s Fixed

Azure AD Connect version fixing two issues:

Incorrect domain selection

This version of Azure AD Connect fixes an issue where unselected domains were getting incorrectly selected from the Azure Active Directory Configuration wizard.

Errors when setting AD Permissions

This version of Azure AD Connect fixes an issue in the ADSyncConfig Windows PowerShell module, where invoking dsacls.exe command used in all the Set-ADSync* Permissions cmdlets would cause one of the following errors:

  • GrantAclsNoInheritance : The parameter is incorrect. The command failed to complete successfully.
  • GrantAcls : No GUID Found for computer …


Additionally, for version (the first release of the 1.5.x.0 branch of Azure AD Connect releases), the documentation now reads that an issue was fixed on the Domain and OU filtering page that would remove the Run Profiles of an Active Directory domain by just partially expanding the domain tree, without making any changes. This issue should have last been observed in 1.4.x.0 release versions.


Version information

This is version of Azure AD Connect.
This release is the first release in the 1.5 branch for Azure AD Connect. It was made available for download on April 23, 2020.


Download information

You can download Azure AD Connect here.
The download weighs 96.5 MB.

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