I’ve joined the Semperis Hybrid Identity Protection Podcast

Hybrid Identity Protection Podcast

The 2020 Hybrid Identity Protection Conference (HIPConf) was originally planned for April 2020. As New York and other cities around the globe helped us combat the COVID-19 pandemic, this was not a good time to gather and discuss our topics in person.

However, organizations worldwide need our guidance more than ever. Cyber crime evolves through these crises. We too have to evolve in our identity and access management; It is up to us to protect our colleagues. The parallel is immense.

Of course, we’re not sitting idle.


The Hybrid Identity Protection Podcast

Semperis launched the Hybrid Identity Protection podcast. The Hybrid Identity Protection podcast aims to be the premier podcast for cyber security professionals, charged with defending hybrid identity environments.

Through discussions, we’ll explore Identity-related topics. Focusing on 15-20 minute talks, we’ll try and make you think about the ways you can protect your organization’s investments in Identity and leverage the hybrid goodness that comes by extending Identity into the cloud.

I’ve been invited as the guest for the 7th episode.

Episode 1

Andrew Cedergren, senior security engineer lead at Delta Airlines, and Sean Deuby, director of services at Semperis, kicked off the first episode on April 17th, 2020. They talked about identity lifecycle and identity lifecycle security.

Episode 2

On May 6th, 2020, Ben Johnson, CTO and co-founder of Obsidian Security, and Sean Deuby discussed the new access-related problems that organizations face during COVID-19 and beyond in Episode 2. With remote workforces accelerating digital transformation, security teams are shifting their mindset from controlling assets to managing access. This is not easy, especially in a cloud-first world where ease of install and free trials reign supreme.

Episode 3

On May 20th, 2020, Sean Metcalf, Founder at Trimarc Security and fellow MVP, and Sean Deuby discussed keeping a security-first mindset in a “Get it done fast'” world.
In times of rapid change, security tends to take a back seat. And good hackers never waste a crisis. So, how are the pros managing remote access security risks during COVID-19? Tune into HIP Podcast episode 3.

Episode 4

On June 10th, 2020, Allen Brokken, Microsoft cloud specialist, and Sean Deuby discussed leveraging hybrid cloud techniques. Allen shares the right way to deal with admin accounts in your cloud service and how a phone call to the security operations center (SOC) may be the best way to secure your global administrator accounts.

Episode 5

When the forecasting and planning for 2020 couldn’t call for what was in store, Microsoft became tasked with quickly catch up to the demand necessary for the new reality users faced. Expert Microsoft strategist and Windows Weekly podcast host, Mary Jo Foley, joined Sean in episode 5 on June 30th 2020, to discuss just how Microsoft had to come to grips with the increased infrastructure load courtesy of COVID.

Episode 6

Continuous learning when it comes to being an Active Directory administrator is a requirement as they’re tasked with adapting to maintain relevancy. Mike Kanako, Senior Systems Engineer in IAM at Align Systems, discusses his path to automating tasks and tips for becoming less dependent on the graphical user interface (GUI) for Active Directory management, including the 5 Core AD Management PowerShell Cmdlets.

Episode 7

“Nothing is as permanent in IT as a temporary solution.” I join Sean in the 7th episode of the Hybrid Identity Protection Podcast to discuss the "new normal", dynamics of Azure AD B2B, and what cutting corners in the world of identity and access management (IAM) can bring about for administrators.



The Hybrid Identity Protection Podcast is worth your time when you're in identity and access management.

I feel very honored to have been invited to this podcast and be among the people who have been guests and who will be guests on the show. I'm also looking forward to the digital Hybrid Identity Protection Conference later this year!

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