I'm virtualizing Domain Controllers at VMware VMworld 2021 around the world

VMworld 2021

I’m pleased to announce that I will be delivering a 1-hour level 300 Tech+ tutorial titled 'Virtualizing Active Directory – Doing It Right!' with Deji Akomolafe and Matt Liebowitz at VMware VMworld 2021.

This will be my fifth time presenting at VMworld on Active Directory and sharing the stage with these fellow VMworld Distinguished Speakers.


About VMware VMworld

VMworld is a global conference for virtualization and cloud computing, hosted by VMware. It is the largest virtualization-specific event.

Just like for 2020, VMworld 2021 is organized to align with the new reality. Instead of multiple VMworld events, one virtual VMworld event is organized. The VMworld 2021  ‘Online Around the Globe’ event is held from October 5th to October 7th, 2021.


About this session

Last year, for VMworld 2020, we had to prerecord our presentation. That was fun, but it doesn't match a live performance. Winking smile

This year, we're back with a live interactive session full of dad jokes, directory banter and the stuff every Active Directory admin needs to know about vSphere 7 Update 2:


MCL1198 Virtualizing Active Directory – Doing It Right!

Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) allows organizations to deploy a scalable and more secure directory service for managing users, resources and applications.

Although virtualizing domain controllers has been a simple and supported operation for many years, many organizations have been reluctant to do so. They have struggled to understand how to properly navigate and avoid the multiple pitfalls inherent in virtualizing a production, enterprise-level AD DS infrastructure.

This session discusses and demonstrates considerations and practices for optimally and more securely virtualizing your Active Directory infrastructure by showing real-life failure scenarios and presenting applicable remediations that a domain administrator can immediately apply to their environment.


Join us!

Join us for an entertaining hour on everything related to virtualizing Active Directory.
Don’t miss out and register for VMware VMworld Europe 2021.

Be sure to pick the right VMworld pass. Our session is available to VMworld Tech+ pass holders. Tech+ passes include everything a VMworld General pass offers (available at no cost) plus the ability to meet the experts, hands-on labs, exam guide reviews, 50% discount on VMware VCP and VCAP exams and 1:1 consultations with VMware Global Support. Tech+ passes start at USD 299.

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