I’m co-presenting KNVI’s ‘Impact of Windows 11 on your organization’ event

Zalmhuis, Rotterdam

Raymond Comvalius and I were approached by the Royal Dutch Association of Information and IT Professionals (KNVI). The board thinks we have a pretty clear view of the challenges IT Pros face and asked us to present the 'Impact of Windows 11 on your organization' event Dutch at the Zalmhuis in Rotterdam Dutch.

Impact of Windows 11 on your organization

Windows 11 has been released half a year ago. It has since become the new reality for many device administrators, but odds are they weren’t really waiting for this extra work.

Windows 11 adds new functionality. Obviously it is the most secure Windows till date (as was every previous Windows version with NT as its basis). Is this something positive or something negative? Can organizations skip Windows 11 altogether? Is it wise to wait for the first ‘service pack’ to begin deployment? What happens when you leave all Windows 11 behind?

Raymond and I will try to answer all these questions with objective, real-world and independent answers. So bring your own questions, critique, feedback and experiences to help everyone benefit.

Join KNVI and the event!

It’s not too late to join KNVI Dutch. This is a prerequisite to being able to attend the KNVI 'Impact of Windows 11 on your organization' event for free.

If you’re not a member, you can attend this event for a EUR 25 fee. As the event also hosts a networking reception after our talk, this might just cover your food and drinks…

Seats are limited.

Subscriptions to KNVI for students are a mere EUR 32 per year. Subscriptions for individuals start at EUR 106,00 per year for members aged 27 and below, for retirees and for unemployed people. Other individual subscriptions set you back EUR 177 per year. Organizational subscriptions are available upon request.

About KNVI

KNVIThe Dutch Professional Association of Information and IT Professionals (KNVI) is an independent platform for sharing professional knowledge and expanding the personal networks of ICT Pros, information professionals, students and employers who want to keep their employees up to date.

KNVI organizes multiple meetings per month, publishes AG Connect both online and in print, and offers discounts to its members.

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