I’m co-presenting at AppManagEvent 2022

SuperNova at the MediaPlaza

Running into Coert Bosker at several events this year, Raymond and I started talking about presenting a session at AppManagEvent. This year, we’re back at this awesome event in Utrecht!

About AppManagEvent

AppManagEvent is the annual industry event around application management. The event provides its visitors a status update and a future update on the leading technology, tools, strategies, insights and trends around Application Management.

Professional Development Systems is proud to host one of the first in-person IT Pro events since 18+ months. The 15th edition took place on November 12, 2021 .

For it’s 16th edition, this year, the themes are Deployment, Security, Application Virtualization, MSIX, Win10/11/365 management, Identity Management, IT Infra and much more.

AppManagEvent delivers one day with great speakers, tech content, solution vendors in a professional atmosphere and inspiring location: Jaarbeurs, Super Nova, Utrecht, The Netherlands on October 7, 2022!

About our session

Raymond Comvalius and I will present a 45-minute session:

Increasing the security of on-premises Active Directory with Entra and Defender technologies

10:15 AM – 11AM

Would you believe a networking infrastructure can become more secure by adding cloud to it? This session gives you real-world examples and thorough guidance on how Entra and Defender technologies make on-premises environments more secure. Air-gapping and the accompanying immense challenges for updating, activating and monitoring for admins are truly referred back to the 80s in this session.

A lot of old-fashioned CISOs truly believe air-gapping their environment and requiring multi-multi-multi-factor authentication for access off-premises is the way to go. It is not. In this session, Sander Berkouwer and Raymond Comvalius show how organizations can:

  • Require multi-factor authentication only when needed because of risk
  • Get notified and can automatically remediate leaked credentials
  • Ban bad passwords
  • Manage fragile Domain Controllers better

This session features a couple of exciting demos to showcase the strengths of Azure AD, Azure AD Connect Health and Microsoft Sentinel. This is a session no Active Directory admin should miss!

Join us!

There is still time to register for AppManagEvent 2022. Tickets are available for € 149 per ticket.

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