Pictures of Experts Live Netherlands 2022

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Two weeks ago, Raymond and I presented at Experts Live Netherlands in Den Bosch.

Whereas Raymond opted to have diner with the other speakers on Thursday night and stay in a hotel in the vicinity of the event location, I flew back from NTK in Slovenia to get there in time… It was a beautiful ride.

Fog while driving to Den Bosch

When I arrived at the parking lot, I came across Mikko Hypponen, who drove from Amsterdam Schiphol airport to get to the location all the way from Finland.

We got our badges. I went to the speaker room to pick up my speaker shirt and preparing for our post-keynote session.

Speaker shirts are available for any speaker who wants to wear it

After the keynote, Raymond and I presented our '50-minute ‘Properly securing Azure AD Connect and Azure AD Connect Cloud Sync’ session in room Limousin 3:

Presenting at Experts Live 2022 (Click for large photo, by Jan Bakker)

After the session, we used the podcast room to record some podcasts. Of course, we already recorded the weekly podcast before the event. Unfortunately, we needed to record another podcast because of the Exchange Server zero-day vulnerabilities. Having Dave Stork on-site as a friend of the show allowed us to record an interim episode of the IT Bro’s podcast. We also recorded with the Workplace Dudes and Jeroen Jansen.

Experts Live Expo Hall (picture by Experts Live organization)

In between we had some time to grab lunch. Raymond even had time to get a picture with one of his biggest fans.

Thank you! Thumbs up

Thank you to the Experts Live organization for organizing yet another successful event and inviting Raymond and me as a speaker, to all my community friends and, of course, to all the people attending, sitting in on our session and, of course, the people with whom I had interesting discussions.

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