Graph API PowerShell Tips and Tricks, Part 2: Requirements

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Microsoft Graph Giraffes

The AzureAD, MSOnline and AzureADPreview PowerShell modules are scheduled for deprecation. The schedule has changed a couple of times. To be prepared, admins should get going with the new Graph API SDK. However, the Graph API SDK works differently. There's a learning curve that has proven steep. Many admins who have walked the path before you have reported many issues.

This blogpost series aims to help you on your journey. Together with Aleksandar Nikolic, a Microsoft MVP with an extensive background in PowerShell, we're providing tips and tricks on finding your way through typical questions, situations and annoyances.

When you want to get started with the Microsoft Graph SDK, you'll need to meet the requirements:


Recommendation: Use PowerShell v7

When you use PowerShell v7 on either Windows, MacOS or Linux, you're good to go with the Graph SDK. There are no additional prerequisites to using the Graph SDK with PowerShell 7 and later.

On Windows, you can install PowerShell 7 from the Windows Store, through winget. The following command on an elevated Command Prompt install PowerShell 7 next to the existing PowerShell version on the device:

winget.exe install PowerShell


Using the Graph SDK with the built-in PowerShell version

Installing and using PowerShell v7 is not a mandatory requirement to the Graph SDK. It shortens the list of prerequisites. When using the version of PowerShell that came with the Operating System, make sure to:

  • Upgrade to PowerShell 5.1, or later.
  • Install .NET Framework v4.7.2, or later.
  • Update PowerShellGet to the latest version using the following command in an elevated PowerShell window:

Install-Module PowerShellGet -Force



Now that we have met the prerequisites, let's discover how to install the Graph SDK in the next blogpost in this series!

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