Azure AD Connect Sync v2.2.1.0 offers functional changes and bug fixes

Azure AD Connect v2.1.15.0 was the first v2.x to be announced with Automatic Upgrades functionality, on July 6th 2022. However, Azure AD Connect installations with custom synchronization rules fell out of scope for this feature, as were v1.x installations in the past. Azure AD Connect v2.2.1.0 offers to correct this oversight. Actually, this version is available for Automatic Upgrades only.


What’s New

Azure AD Connect v2.2.1.0 offers functional changes and bug fixes.

Functional changes

Automatic Upgrades with custom synchronization rules

Microsoft has enabled the Automatic Upgrades feature for Azure AD tenants with custom synchronization rules.

Deleted (not disabled) default rules will be re-created and enabled upon Auto Upgrade.

Agent Updater is now part of the installation

Microsoft has added the Microsoft Azure AD Connect Agent Updater service to the install.

WebService Connector Config is no longer part of the installation

Microsoft has removed the Synchronization Service WebService Connector Config program from the install.


Bug Fixes

Microsoft has made improvements to accessibility. Additionally, Microsoft has made the Microsoft Privacy Statement accessible in more places


Version information

Version of Azure AD Connect was made available for Automatic Upgrade on May 23rd, 2023.

You can download the latest version of Azure AD Connect here.

This link is to download version, not version

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