Download the Active Directory Security Playbook for 2023 (Free)

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Active Directory Security Playbook for 2023

I have worked together with ENow software to develop the Active Directory Security Playbook for 2023.


Based on my Cookbook recipes

The Playbook includes five of the recipes from my Active Directory Administration Cookbook: Proven Solutions to Everyday Identity and Authentication Challenges for Both On-Premises and the Cloud. It also includes a sixth, brand new recipe which addresses specific pain points and simplifies monitoring Domain Controllers for performance and behavior problems.


How we help you

Collectively, all six recipes are prudent and provide absolute focus and valuable information for administrators to action upon:

  • We begin our Playbook with two recipes and the solution to the question, “What can I do today to get back from – and prevent – erroneous changes to Active Directory objects and Domain Controllers?”
  • Our Playbook then enlightens and enables you to take action on what you can implement today as an administrator, to secure your Active Directory infrastructure.
  • Lastly, the brand new sixth recipe provides a solution and answers the question, “What's actually going on with my Domain Controllers?”


Download now!

Time to see what you can whip up and action on with these carefully curated Active Directory Security recipes for 2023!

Download it here.

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    Nice playbook!



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