Entra Connect v2.2.8.0 adds onPremisesObjectIdentifier to its default Attribute Scope

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Entra Connect Sync, formerly known as Azure AD Connect Sync (and still branded as such when you install and upgrade this product), was updated last week to include a feature that make it more compatible with Entra Cloud Sync (formerly known as Azure AD Connect Cloud Sync). v2.2.8.0 of Entra Connect also came with some fixes.

When, and even if, the product is rebranded, remains anyone's guess…


What’s New

Azure AD Connect v2.2.1.0 offers functional changes and bug fixes.

Functional Changes

onPremisesObjectIdentifier attribute added to sync scope

Microsoft has added the onPremisesObjectIdentifier attribute for groups to Entra Connect's synchronization scope by adding it to the default synchronization rules. This attribute is required by Microsoft Entra Cloud Sync's Group Provisioning to Active Directory on-premises.

Changes to synchronization rules trigger a Full Synchronization, which take more time than delta synchronization cycles. Plan your Entra Connect Sync upgrades accordingly.

.NET Runtime upgraded

Microsoft has increased the minimum .NET runtime requirement to v4.7.1. Depending on the Operating System and other installed software packages, this means that .NET Framework v4.7.1 needs to be upgraded from v4.7.0. A restart may be required.


Bug fixes

Improvements to upgrade and auto-upgrade components

Microsoft has made improvements to the upgrade and auto-upgrade components. However, this version of Entra Connect Sync has not been made available for Automatic Upgrades, which means that we'll have to wait for a release to test the auto-upgrade components…

Group deprevisioning improvements

Microsoft fixed an issue preventing deprovisioning of group, when deletions of both the group and a member belonging to a different domain are processed in the same synchronization cycle.


Version information

Version of Azure AD Connect was made available for download on October 11th, 2023.

You can download the latest version of Azure AD Connect here.

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