Identity-related sessions at Microsoft Ignite 2023

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Microsoft Ignite 2023

Microsoft Ignite runs from November 15 – 17, 2023. This event offers in-person sessions and online sessions. In terms of delivery formats, Microsoft Ignite offers break-out sessions, product roundtables, live demos and expert meetups.

As Identity geeks, we encourage you to attend the following Identity-related sessions at Microsoft Ignite 2023:


Break-out sessions

BRK297H Secure access in the AI era: What's New in Microsoft Entra

Wednesday, November 15 | 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM PDT  

Reduce complexity, protect every identity, enforce least privilege access and improve user experience with a unified identity and security service edge (SSE) solution. This demo-centric session follows an employee as they onboard, access resources and collaborate. Explore Microsoft Entra (formerly Azure AD) innovations so you can automatically prevent identity compromise, enforce granular access policies, govern permissions and leverage AI to secure access for anyone to anything from anywhere.


BRK264H Accelerate your Zero Trust journey with unified access controls

Thursday, November 16 | 1:30 PM – 2:15 PM PDT   

Learn how to simplify your Zero Trust architecture with universal policies for any access point, from legacy on-premises resources to cloud apps and web, without code changes. The identity-centric Security Service Edge (SSE) solution in Microsoft Entra takes Conditional Access to a new level, protecting any network destination with granular access controls that consider identity, device, and network. Secure access for anyone to anything from anywhere with unified identity and network access.


On-demand sessions

OD02 Bringing Passkey into your Passwordless Journey

The industry is all abuzz with excitement about passkeys! As most customers are either deploying a form of Passwordless credential or planning to in the next few years there's no better time to learn about passkeys. Join the Microsoft Entra product team as they walk you through the background of where passkeys came from, their impact on the passwordless ecosystem, the product features and roadmap bringing passkeys into the Microsoft Entra passwordless portfolio and phishing resistant strategy.


OD03 Effortless Application Migration Using Microsoft Entra ID

Microsoft understands that customers want to easily migrate their on-premises applications away from Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS). Our newly proposed tool supplies a one-click configuration to integrate applications into Microsoft Entra ID. During this on-demand session, Microsoft will provide an overview of our tool that offers a guided experience to seamlessly facilitate the migration of your applications from AD FS to Microsoft Entra ID.


OD08 Making Zero Trust real: End to end security architecture and guidance

Are you facing challenges planning an end-to-end security approach for your organization? Join us for a discussion on how to deploy Microsoft’s Security capabilities into a holistic Zero Trust strategy. We will share an updated Zero Trust reference architecture, exploring the latest Microsoft security capabilities, upcoming innovations and deployment guidance to help you strengthen your security today and prepare for the age of AI.


Discussion sessions

DIS663H Unified Conditional Access controls: Identity & Security Service Edge

Wednesday, November 15 | 2:45 PM – 3:30 PM PDT 

Are you looking for ways to secure access to your applications and resources? Do you have insights, challenges, or best practices to share with your industry peers? Join the panel of Microsoft Security Service Edge (SSE) and Identity experts to discuss how using Conditional Access and our SSE solution help you consolidate access policies, modernize your network, and simplify your environment.


DIS685 Explore the future of customer identity and access management (CIAM)

Wednesday, November 15 | 11:45 AM – 12:30 PM PDT 

At Microsoft Build, Microsoft unveiled Microsoft Entra External ID, a developer-friendly CIAM solution for customized authentication experiences in web and mobile apps. Join this roundtable to share your CIAM needs and priorities, explore the future of External ID and see how it ties into your existing solutions portfolio.


Live demo's

DEM165 It only takes minutes to improve your identity governance posture

Wednesday, November 15 | 11:30 AM – 11:45 AM PDT

Can you improve your organization's security and compliance with policies, while increasing end user productivity, in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee? Surprisingly the answer is a lot! This demo session is packed with steps showing how Microsoft Entra ID Governance make this possible with ML recommendations to hunt for outliers, reduce unnecessary privileged access, automatically offboard employees, and more. Grab your cup of coffee and learn how to enforce least privileged access.


DEM167 Block identity takeover with Microsoft Entra ID Protection

Wednesday, November 15 | 1:15 PM – 1:30 PM PDT

Come see how Microsoft uses Microsoft Entra ID Protection to block identity takeover in real time! Harness the power of advanced machine learning to identify sign-in anomalies and anomalous user behavior and then block, challenge, or limit access. With these insights showcased in a brand-new dashboard, IT and identity practitioners can further investigate their security posture in additional tools and applications for enhanced recommendations.


DEM173 Microsoft’s Security Service Edge (SSE) Solution in action

Thursday, November 16 | 2:45 PM – 3PM PDT

Join Microsoft for a live demonstration to see how identity and network access solutions work together to secure access to any app or resource, from anywhere with Microsoft’s identity-centric Security Service Edge (SSE) solution. See firsthand the latest innovations of Microsoft Entra Internet Access and Private Access key capabilities.

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