I'm speaking at the inaugural Dutch Microsoft Entra Community Meetup

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Dutch Microsoft Entra Community

It's not often that a new community comes to life. Microsoft's rename of Azure AD to Entra, however, has sparked the birth of the Dutch Microsoft Entra Community, run by fellow MVPs Pim Jacobs and Jan Bakker and Microsoft senior product manager Stefan van der Wiele.


About the Dutch Microsoft Entra Community

The Dutch Microsoft Entra Community (DMECnl) focuses on organizing meetups around Microsoft Entra technologies throughout the Netherlands. The purpose of these meetups is to share knowledge and experiences on Microsoft Entra, including Entra ID, Entra ID Governance, Entra Permission Management, Entra Verified ID, Entra External ID, Entra Internet Access, and Entra Private Access.

Sessions during the meetup will primarily be hosted in Dutch, with the exception of foreign guest speakers.


About the inaugural DMECnl meetup

The Dutch Microsoft Entra Community organizes their first meetup on Thursday February 1st, 2024. This meetup is sponsored by Inspark and hosted by them in their Amstelveen office. Starting at 5 PM dinner will be served. Jan, Pim and Stefan kick off their community at 6 PM with a welcome and a quick overview on what's new in Entra in the past three months.

At 6:15 PM, Guus ter Berge takes the stage to talk for 60 minutes about securing and governing access to applications with Microsoft Entra ID. After a short break, I'll take the stage for another 60-minute session on applying the basics in Entra ID.

At 8:30 PM, drinks are served.


About my session

I’ll present a 60-minute session on:

Just apply the Basics in Entra ID, Already!

Thursday February 1st 2024, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM

With Microsoft's focus on Defender for * and Entra ID Premium P2 features, you might start to believe that you can't be successful in your identity and zero trust journeys when you don't have these products and licenses. The opposite is true: without doing the basics, all these advanced products don't perform as well as you'd think…

It's the basics that most organizations seem to have forgotten, but without these basic measures, their Azure services are at risk in terms of security, privacy, and productivity. For most organizations applying these basics is trivial and relatively easy to start with, but there are caveats!

Come to this session to learn the basics and then apply 'em to your Entra ID.


Join us!

The inaugural Dutch Microsoft Entra Community Meetup is a free event.
All 60 currently available seats have been filled, but you can join the waiting list.

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