Pictures of the Inaugural Dutch Microsoft Entra Community meetup

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Presenting on the basics (Picture by Inspark)On Thursday February 1st, 2024, I presented at the inaugural Dutch Microsoft Entra Community meetup at the Inspark offices in Amstelveen. Jan, Pim and Stefan invited me to speak at the second speaker slot of the first event they organized together in the context of this new community.

I arrived early, chatted with some of the attendees and enjoyed the Italian food that was served.

Food and Drinks (picture by Inspark)

Jan, Pim and Stefan kicked off the sold-out event with an introduction of the Dutch Microsoft Entra Community and an overview of Microsoft Entra. After their talk,  Guus van Berge dove into Entra ID Governance and the many things you can do with the many features of this service to support the Identity and Access Management processes towards an organization's heterogeneous landscape of  systems and applications.

Introduction by Jan (left), Stefan and Pim (right) (picture by Inspark)

Guus presenting (picture by Inspark)

After a short break, I presented on applying the security basics to Entra tenants to prevent against 99,8% of attacks towards this platform. With several demos I made clear where the specific toggles live in the Entra portal and with several anecdotes I provided background on how these toggles impact end-users.

Title slide (photo by Pim Jacobs)

Title Slide 'Entra ID: Just apply the basics, already!' (photo by Vincent Loen-Ajaiso)

Concluding the session (picture by Inspark)

After the presentation, I had some great conversations with attendees while we enjoyed the sponsored drinks. Being one of the last people to leave, I was home at  10:30 PM.


Thank you!

Thank you to Jan, Stefan and Pim from the Dutch Microsoft Entra Community for organizing a successful event and inviting me as a speaker, to all my community friends and, of course, to all the people attending, sitting in on the session and, of course, the people with whom I had interesting discussions.

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