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Azure AD Connect version is here

It’s time for a new version of Azure AD Connect to incorporate Microsoft’s lessons learned and distribute the fixes Microsoft made to the larger public. Yesterday, Microsoft released the first version in the 1.6 branch of Azure AD Connect: v2.0.3.0 Azure AD Connect is Microsoft’s free Hybrid Identity bridge product to synchronize objects and their […]


HOWTO: Determine if you can remove SQL Server Express after uninstalling Azure AD Connect

When you uninstall Azure AD Connect, you are presented with the below screen. This screen provides an option to uninstall the following supporting components: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Command Line Utilities Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Native Client Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express LocalDB   Azure AD Connect comes with a SQL Server Express LocalDB installation […]


KnowledgeBase: You cannot uninstall Azure AD Connect from Programs and Features

Sometimes, the configuration of Azure AD Connect goes wrong and stops. Azure AD Connect can end up in a state where you can no longer recover. Alas, in these cases uninstallation may also not be an option… or so it seems.   The situation Azure AD Connect is installed on a Windows Server installation, but […]


KnowledgeBase: You cannot manage the Desktop SSO feature with the Hybrid Identity Administrator role

On March 19th, 2021, Microsoft introduced Azure AD Connect version to incorporate the lessons learned and distribute the fixes Microsoft made to the larger public. As part of its version release history, Microsoft added the following line to the release notes for this version: Azure AD Connect now supports the Hybrid Identity Administrator role […]


HOWTO: Enable Seamless Single Sign-on when AD FS is Configured as Sign-in Method

Microsoft has introduced the Staged Rollout functionality to convert the sign-in method for people in your organization from federated authentication to managed authentication. However, there is one slight issue with single sign-on. In this blogpost, I’ll address the issue of having both Seamless Single Sign-on and Federation enabled in Azure AD Connect. About Staged Rollout […]


Availability of Azure AD Connect’s v2 endpoint

For the past year, Microsoft has been offering the new ‘version 2’ endpoint for Azure AD Connect. This endpoint replaces the ‘version 1’ endpoint we’ve come to use ever since DirSync. About Azure AD Connect’s v2 endpoint Microsoft has deployed a new endpoint (API) for Azure AD Connect that improves the performance of the synchronization […]


KnowledgeBase: A Sign-in Window appears while configuring Azure AD Connect and configuration fails

Sometimes, the installation of Azure AD Connect can mess up your project deadlines in mere seconds. In this blogpost, I want to share an error that kept the admins of an organization occupied for several days, while it was easy to fix.   The situation An organization uses Azure AD and Azure AD Connect. After […]


Azure AD Connect version fixes a bug in the previous release

Twelve days after the release of Azure AD Connect version, the first release in the 1.6 branch, Microsoft has released version, fixing a bug in the release.   What’s fixed This release fixes a bug in version where, after upgrade to that release, the Azure AD Connect Health feature was not […]


Knowledgebase: Azure AD Connect Health Agents are not registered on Azure AD Connect installations running version

Version of Azure AD Connect that was released just last week seems to have an issue with the Azure AD Connect Health agent.   The situation You intend to synchronize objects from one or more on-premises Active Directory Domain Services implementations to an Azure AD tenant. You install Azure AD Connect version to […]


Four things you should know about Selective Password Hash Synchronization

In Azure AD Connect version, Microsoft introduced the Selective Password Hash Synchronization feature. Formerly, Azure AD Connect would apply Password Hash Synchronization to all objects in scope for synchronization. In Azure AD Connect version, and up, a subset of users can be specifically included or excluded to having their password hashes synchronized to […]