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Azure AD Connect version is here

The Azure Active Directory team keeps churning out monthly builds of our favorite tool to connect our on-premises Windows Server Active Directory Domain Services environment(s) to Azure Active Directory. Version of Azure AD Connect, dated May 12, 2016, adds support for two of the newer legal boundaries of Azure Active Directory, as well as […]


Tip! Use the Azure AD Connect Configuration Documenter

As an identity consultant, these last few years I have been tasked with several hybrid identity projects involving Azure Active Directory. Azure AD Connect is the tool of choice for many of these projects. Its many features in the latest versions alleviate many of the headaches of these implementations, but some headaches remain. One of […]


DirSync and Azure AD Sync will reach End of Support on April 13, 2017

In an e-mail message from the Azure Team, many of us got a notice that the 64-bit Windows Azure Active Directory Sync (DirSync) tool and the stand-alone Azure AD Sync tool are both deprecated and will reach end of support on April 13, 2017. As the Azure team described it: These older tools have been […]


Azure AD Connect version

After last February’s big 1.1 release of Azure AD Connect, the team at Microsoft is churning away again at monthly builds, bringing a flow of steady bug fixes and magical functionality flowing in and out of preview. like they used to. On Monday March 14, Microsoft introduced Azure AD Connect version This release contains […]


Active Directory Replication Status Tool without Operations Management Suite

After the version of the Active Directory Replication Status Tool, linked to in this blogpost, had also expired. (April 4), Microsoft has decided to re-release the original version of the Active Directory Replication Status Tool at the original link. (April 20) You can use the official Microsoft download for your on-premises Active Directory replication status […]


Channeling your inner Active Directory Replication Status to Operations Management Suite

My blogpost on the Active Directory Replication Status Tool making the move to Microsofts Operation Management Suite (OMS) solution, sparked some conversation. Especially, Jimmy’s 2 cents, hit a nerve: There are many companies that have a policy not allowing DCs connecting to the “outside”. And changing the policies is not easy sometimes. While Jimmy wisely […]


Upgrade to Azure AD Connect for your convenience

In the past two weeks, since the release and availability of Azure AD Connect version, several people reported issues with the new and overhauled Azure AD Connect 1.1.1y branch. The people of the Azure AD Connect team have listened and investigated these issues, cumulating to the release of Azure AD Connect version last […]


Azure AD Connect is here

Four issues have been identified with the below version of Azure AD Connect. Please upgrade to Azure AD Connect instead of version More information   This week, Microsoft released a new version of Azure AD Connect. While the previously reported releases for Azure AD Connect were minor versions in the 1.0.9x branch, this […]


The Active Directory Replication Status Tool is making the move to the Operations Management Suite

I’m a big fan of the free Active Directory Replication Status Tool. So much so that I install it in every Active Directory environment I scan and troubleshoot. Together with the Active Directory PowerShell module, the built-in tools, and the Active Directory Topology Diagrammer, it completes my toolbox. It’s a nice gift to leave behind […]


Azure AD Connect 1.0.9131 is here

Changes in Microsofts cloud portfolio can be fast. Six months ago, Azure AD Connect was still in preview, but today, Microsoft released a new version of Azure AD Account for a new month. Note: Known as the December 2015 update, this is a QFE release, a release based on Quick Fix Engineering, as opposed to […]