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Installing Azure AD Connect on Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2 and 2012

In most projects, we set up a brand new Windows Server 2012 R2-installation, purely for Azure AD Connect and its underlying Azure AD Connect. For some reasons, however, you might install Azure AD Connect on Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012. Note: Installing Azure AD Connect is not supported on […]


A new version of Azure AD Connect was released today

Today, Microsoft released a new version of Azure AD Connect and Azure AD Sync. This release brings new features to the table. I can only assume these features are welcome to many Azure AD Connect customers, since Azure AD Connect and Azure AD Sync pose some serious challenges for organizations using these solutions. Note: Known […]


How the IDs for Azure AD Sync’s service accounts are created

Azure AD Connect is Microsoft’s latest tool to support your latest hybrid identity scenarios and synchronize object information from an on-premises Windows Server Active Directory environment to Azure Active Directory. One of its components is Azure AD Sync, responsible for the synchronization itself. Azure AD Connect became generally available on June 24, 2015. Azure AD […]


Ten things you should know about Azure AD Connect and Azure AD Sync

Azure Active Directory powers Microsoft Online Services, ranging from Office 365 to Intune, in terms of identity. While this compels to organizations in a strong way, Microsoft even offers hybrid identity options to organizations running on-premises Windows Server Active Directory  to stretch their identity layer to the cloud. The tool from Microsoft to support its […]


From the Field: the Case of the non-replicating Domain Controllers on Cisco UCS Blades

This morning I was asked to troubleshoot a situation where, in an environment with ten Active Directory Domain Controllers, two Domain Controllers would no longer replicate with each other. They would replicate with other Domain Controllers just fine, just not between themselves. I troubleshot the problem, and I am sharing my experience in case you […]


Checking replication of raising the Domain Functional Level to Windows Server 2008 in a pragmatic and programmatic way

I’ve referred to the Windows Server 2003 Domain Functional Level (DFL) as the ‘golden’ functional level a couple of times. Dave has a blogpost where he concludes the same from an Exchange Server point of view. However, from an Active Directory point of view, the Windows Server 2008 Domain Functional Level (DFL) gains much traction […]


Luxuries in Life: 6 inches of Windows Phone goodness

Eighteen months ago, I purchased a Nokia Lumia 920. It has been my loyal companion for the biggest part of that time, until it recently got stolen. I needed to replace the phone. Luckily it was insured under the circumstances it was stolen, so I had ample budget to look around for a new phone.


Updating Windows XP with all its updates

You may have read my blogpost on the actions admins need to take to continue working with Windows XP in their networking environments. It’s a long list. While many blogs and websites have shared similar information, one action is on everybody’s list: Update Windows XP with the latest updates. So, how easy is it to […]


Tips for Travelling to Tech Conferences, Part 6

If you’re interested in particular technology, you might find yourself travelling between continents while passing multiple time zones to attend certain tech conferences and/or manufacturers. For the past years, I’ve been flying through nine time zones twice a year and will be flying through twelve for the first time next year (if my schedule permits). […]


Tips for Travelling to Tech Conferences, Part 5

When you travel with colleagues a lot, you might end up as the go to guy for travelling tips. This series contains all my tips, so you may benefit from the situations I’ve encountered, avoid them, and travel in style and happiness. With your documents printed and checked and your luggage packed and documented, it’s […]