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Five must-have Group Policy settings to make people productive with Windows 8 on day one

Being one of the first companies to roll out Windows 8 to our employees and aiming to be done with the deployment before October 26nd 2012 (the date Windows 8 becomes available to everyone on new computers), we’re looking at Group Policy settings to make Windows 8 as usable and recognizable as possible to our […]


Featured in the Dutch ITbende podcast today (again)

Microsoft has made Windows 8 available to everyone, wanting to deploy and/or test drive it. Since, without this news, it’s a slow news week, Martin Broerse has, once again, invited me to join his ITbende podcast this morning. I joined for the first 30 minutes of the 168th ITbende podcast and chatted with Martin Broerse […]


Four ways to get a head start on Windows 8

With Microsoft readying its marketing, distribution and OEM channel to put Windows 8 in the market, as a dedicated IT Professional you might want a head start on your organization, your customers and/or your family on this Operating System. Windows 8 will be available to businesses on September 1, 2012. For consumers, Windows 8 will […]


I’ve technically reviewed O’Reilly’s ‘Windows 8: Out of the Box’

Last week, I technically reviewed ‘Windows 8: Out of the Box’, as published by O’Reilly and available both as print and ebook. Per today you can pre-order the paperback at Amazon.


Determining your Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 version

With the release of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, many people are eager to download and install the latest and greatest Operating Systems from Redmond. For people who have deployed one of the pre-release versions of Windows 8, Windows Server 8 and Windows Server 2012, the big question now is which version they are […]


Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 have RTM’ed

Just as Microsoft announced, both Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 have been released to manafucturers (RTM’ed) in the first week of August. Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 were RTM'ed with buildnumbers 9200 and build dates of July 25th, 2012. The complete list of products that have been released today is: Windows 8 Windows […]


Windows Server 2012 from an Architecture Point of View

Customers often ask me and my colleagues for innovative solutions, based on proven technology. While that sounds like a contradictio in terminus, we always deliver. The key behind these successes is to research and implement new technology in an early stage. From there, we combine these new technologies, where appropriate, with our proven architectural principles […]


Windows 8 Release Preview (Build 8400) ready

Today, Microsoft has made the Release Preview available for Windows 8.


Creating your own Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 USB install device

A lot of servers and clients, nowadays, are no longer equipped with an optical drive. While this leaves room for extra drives and allows for smaller form factors, it can be a hurdle when you try and install the Operating Systems of your dreams (in this case: Windows 8) to the device of your dreams.


My interview with Paula Januszkiewicz (TechDays 2012)

I’m a Directory Services MVP. Have been for the last three years, too. This expertise is part of the Identity and Access area together with the ForeFront, ForeFront Identity Manager (FIM) and Enterprise Security MVPs. These latter guys and girl are really great. One of my favorite Enterprise Security MVPs is Paula Januszkiewicz. I’ve had […]