About me

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I'm Sergio, born and raised on the beatiful Island of Curacao (formally the Netherlands Antilles). At the age of 8 I had my first experience with computers. My father sent me to a computer course. My first experience was with Windows 3.11 and with Windows 95. I was hooked to the game "SkiFree". You remember right? Fast forward 18 years later and I'm a IT Professional in the world of Unified Communications and Virtualization.

Sander Berkouwer taught me a lot about the WIndows ecosystem. In 2006 I had the pleasure to be one of his students. After his teachings, I began learning new stuff on my own. Dave Stork thought me the basics of Exchange 2003/2007. These two IT Pro's are responsible for me to pursuit my success in the IT industry. Till this day I'm very thankful for their teachings.

In my spare time I like to tweak my hardware at home and to build labs on my home server. When I'm not tweaking or doing anything that has to do with IT, I like to take my car for a spin (literally). Besides that, I love diving in my spare time and when I'm on vacation.

Currently I work for OGD, with their hosting department called Officium. I am responsible for the infrastructure that makes cloud computing possible. I manage the hypervisor, the servers, the network, the firewalls. I also manage the mail infrastructure that is based on Exchange and I help my colleagues with their exchange related questions.

I will be using this blog to share my daily WTH-moments (What the heck) and tips and tricks I learn daily on my job.